What do users prefer: Single-purpose app or All-in-one app?


Industry experts, systems architects, developers, and others have been debating the optimal strategy for developing mobile apps. The main dilemma is whether developing many single-purpose app or one multi-purpose app makes more sense. A multi-purpose app, like a department shop, contains everything the user needs in one location. On the other hand, single-purpose applications are more like to boutiques in that they are only meant to do one thing. Many individuals across the world use smartphones as their primary internet connection point.

Rising trend of All-in-one/Super App

A new trend of “Super Apps” has emerged from China in the last five years. China has a fast-rising, densely populated urban middle class, allowing digital businesses to benefit from a “leapfrog” impact. A Super App is an app that allows you to order groceries, scheduled flights, and purchase concert tickets all in one app.

Single-purpose apps are those apps made to provide a single or related feature to the user. Taking an example of Facebook, each of Facebook’s distinct apps is based on the fact that they are different products. It’s pointless to combine them into a single app because they all work differently. Furthermore, combining all of those capabilities in one app while keeping it easy is difficult. Apps are designed for single-purpose purposes. They specialize in one area and excel at it. Consider applications as a medium on which a product operates, rather than a collection of features or services. When a user opens your app, they expect it to perform one thing, and that’s exactly what it will do. For Facebook, this can include revealing personal information or contacting someone. Because they’re two distinct answers to two different issues, they’re two different apps.

What do users prefer: Single-purpose app or All-in-one app? 2

As we had conducted a poll on our Facebook page regarding which type of app do people prefer; most of the people preferred to use single-purpose rather than All in One/ Super App. The users also claimed that single-purpose apps are more user friendly and convenient to use. Some of them said, All-in-one apps look a lot cluttered.

Which one would you prefer? Single-purpose app or All-in-one app? Let us know in the comments!

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