Every few months, smartphone manufacturers release a new phone with new features, improvements in performance, and the use of the latest technology. With flashy ads and lavish launch events, you may be tempted to buy the latest phone right on the release day. But should you actually ditch just a year old phone for a new one? Like many, you could also be in a dilemma. Whenever you are looking to upgrade to a new smartphone, your Smartphone itself will show certain signs before the need for an upgrade. This in turn conveys the fact that that now is the time to consider buying a replacement phone.

Here are some signs that tell you need a new smartphone –

1. You can’t update to the latest version

Smartphone manufacturer rolls out a software update for your smartphone on a periodical basis. This is done to provide a smooth user experience. Similarly, to repair security loopholes that have been discovered as well as fixing or removing bugs. The software updates may also add some new features to your devices and even remove outdated ones. If your Smartphone maker doesn’t offer an upgrade to the latest OS version, it’s certainly time to buy a new phone. 

2. Your phone is awfully slow

Smartphones tend to be slow over the time as CPU takes more time to process.. As your phone grows older Smartphone manufacturers are often found to intentionally slow down your device to save battery life upon longer use. The device may even be unresponsive and hang during gaming or use of excessive RAM-consuming apps. That’s fairly common. However, if your smartphone becomes awfully slow even during normal use, it’s time for an upgrade. 

3. Apps start to crash more on your device

Smartphone applications are designed based on the devices at a specific point of time. As a result, your smartphone cannot run the latest applications that are designed based on the recent models. Low memory and a weak chipset cannot handle the latest app so the app crashes. The app can also crash if they are not coded properly for older versions and not many devs do that. Sometimes, your phone’s custom skin will also be a barrier. Instead of crashing, some apps wouldn’t even be installed on your device and the only thing you can do is to go and get a new phone. 

4. Your battery drains too quickly 

Modern Smartphone batteries are made from lithium-ion which is perishable in long run. These batteries are supposed to retain 80% of their charge capacity after 300-500 charge/discharge cycles. This means a typical smartphone battery has a lifespan of about 2–3 years, which is equivalent to a 500 charges/discharge cycle. After that time, batteries lose their usual capacity and start to drain quickly. As most modern smartphones come with irreplaceable batteries, you have only one option to get a new smartphone. 

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If you are having issues like your phone rebooting itself, your phone won’t connect to Wi-fi, your apps start to force close, it is time for a new phone. Or perhaps, it is time for an upgrade. Hopefully, this guide will make things easier to make you realize the signs that tell you need a new smartphone.


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