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Have you ever gotten lost just because you could not locate someone’s house when you are visiting for the first time? Well, locating a new place is not an easy thing to do. Often, we end up calling the house owner so many times that even they get fed up. Although, Google maps have undoubtedly made going to an unknown place with almost no assistance easy, however, locating a particular house itself is impossible.

But worry no more, as “Nepal Address” can locate any never seen or known destination for you. EZ Online Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a FREE Digital Platform entitled NepalAddress.com with an ultimate objective to solve the address naming and finding issue in the county. Through this platform tracking down a house will be easy and a lot less trouble.

According to the Founder and CEO of EZ Online Solutions, Subash Devkota, “Nepal Address” has already finished mapping all 77 districts, 753 municipalities and more than 5000 areas.

According to the Founder and CEO, he came back to Nepal after giving up on his American Green Card, in hopes of contributing something to the nation. He missed the American road system and the address naming system where each street has a different name and every house has its own number. All those street names and house numbers are integrated into a Map system which makes locating any house or street so much more convenient. However, he saw a significant lack of such a system in the country.

CEO Subash Devkota gave up the CXO position at F1Soft and started building the Nepal Address platform with an aim of omitting the address problem in Nepal. Devkota assures, that this platform will assist every organization and business to reach out to the doorsteps of their customer easily.

How does “Nepal Address” make the process easy?

“Nepal Address” uses Google Maps for the tracking process, making it easier and secured as well. Through the platform, you can mark your house, rented room, apartment, business office or land location and give it a unique personalized name.

Address registration using “Nepal Address”, is easy as well. Also, you even get an easy-to-read and write address link that opens up in the browser of any device. Since your home location will be on the “Nepal Address” site or app, the company ensures privacy and security. Only the people with whom you share your address link or name will get to your address page.

Registration Process of “Nepal Address”:

  • First of all, go to https://nepaladdress.com or you can download the NepalAddress app by clicking the customize button on chrome and then clicking on ‘install app’.

"Nepal Address" - The Easy Address Locating Service 2

  • Click on the login button and scroll down and click on create an account and fill in the details requested accordingly.

"Nepal Address" - The Easy Address Locating Service 3

  • Then, click on Send Verification to email and you will be mailed a link.
  • After verifying the link refresh the page.
  • Click on add primary address, accept the terms and conditions and grant permission to access your location.
  • Then, confirm your location, choose your area and name your address respectively. The process to do so will be demonstrated on the website itself.
  • After registering, you will be sent an email with your address link which you can share with your desired people.

As soon as one clicks on the link the address page will be opened. But the address name should be searched on NepalAddress.com. The address page will contain address information, address picture, map and direction as well.

How to View the Desired Location?

If you have the address link, simply click on the link and you will be taken to the address page.

If you only know the personalized home name, then follow the steps below:

  • Go to https://nepaladdress.com
  • Use the search bar to type in the home name to find the location you are looking for.
  • Click on the search button then you will be presented with the location details.

"Nepal Address" - The Easy Address Locating Service 4

  • Scroll down to see the exact location.

"Nepal Address" - The Easy Address Locating Service 5

  • Click on the ‘Direction with Google Maps’ tab in case you need direction as well.

"Nepal Address" - The Easy Address Locating Service 6

Additional features of “Nepal Address”:

  • It shows your full Address Name including your area, local municipality and district name on the map.
  • More than 5000 areas across Nepal are available on the map.
  • The address link will remain the same even if one moves to another location.
  • You will also be able to see a year-old location on the address page even if you move.

"Nepal Address" - The Easy Address Locating Service 7

  • You don’t necessarily need to have internet access to find the address.

All consumers, organizations and businesses can use the service for FREE; however, businesses do need to pay a minimal fee to integrate the “Nepal Address” API into their apps.

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