MIUI 12 Goes Global: Top New Features and List of Eligible Devices


The latest version of MIUI is official with some interesting upgrades and many new features. After a decent success of MIUI 11 that was launched last year, MI decided to launch MIUI 12 to continue its legacy.

So, here are the all the improvements and new features that comes with the MIUI 12.

MIUI 12 Goes Global: Top New Features and List of Eligible Devices 2

System Animation:

This is a term we have heard and experienced in MIUI 11 as well. But, this time Mi has updated the System animation experience by bringing in the Kernel- Level Innovation and reconstructed Frame work. Here, Mi brought in the new innovative Physics Engine that synthesized the way image is transferred in the system.

 Also, MI shelled in the LCAF (Mi Light Cone Animation Framework) which provides better colour blending and blurring feature. The render engine also introduced a G2 continuity curve, which will fit the curves seamlessly. Also, the MIUI 12 offers dynamically rounded corner, which provides smooth and natural movement in the interfaces of apps.

Physics Engine:

This element focuses on providing a more realistic experience while using the MIUI 12 featured device. What it basically does is that it provides a 3D curve to the icon. So, when you click an icon to open an app, the app will smoothly curve in and open up. This is built in to provide a physical AI experience through animation in the smartphone.


This is a topic that matters the most. Also, as for MI, they too take this matter seriously, for they had already launched run-time feature back in 2013. MI has also made other tremendous work on past in this sector. Now, MIUI 12 offers two different features to its users, the right to be informed and Control.

For this they have permission notification feature, where the user will always be notified of the camera, microphone and GPA running in the background. There will be a bright icon in the notification bar showcasing the use of background app that is in use. So, user can not only deny but control the usage permission by enhanced feature as well.

Nature Inspired Design:

The weather forecast in the MIUI 12 comes with nature inspired design. Here, you will be able to view the actual weather visual in your device by just swiping the screen. This means you can visualize the real-time weather from your phone. This weather app will reflect all the weather changes that take place in the outside world. Mi also named it as your window to the transient world.

Layered Icon and Lifelike Visuals:

The layered icon gives you a small movement transition while operating and closing the app. Meaning, when you open and then close any app, for example: file manager, then it will doodle a small movement like literally closing the file in the real world. There are different outburst reactions to every other movement.

Moreover, there are some completely different visual difference in the various apps and setting options of MIUI 12 as well. This version is more focused in visual experience.

Super Wallpaper:

MIUI 12 Goes Global: Top New Features and List of Eligible Devices 3

Here, we have, “exploration” themed wallpaper. With this theme we can have Martin Surface of Mars on our wallpaper and lock screen. It also comes with Earth theme where you can observe many other places located in Earth along with the picture of planet as well. Furthermore, the MIUI shells in official data from NASA that will pop up in your screen, while replicating the real-life time in the background.

Built-In universal Casting Tool:

The MIUI 12 comes with a built-in universal casting tool that will work for everything including videos, images, games, document and apps as well. Meaning, you can caste your screen anywhere without any cables, which is actually cool. Also, this feature considers privacy issues and comes with a private casting mode. So, your important calls/messages and notification will not pop-up in the casted device and only show up in your small screen and not big screen.

Additionally, you also have an option to minimize your presenting screen and do something else.

Multitasking in small-screen:

Previously, MIUI 11 supported quick message option where the users didn’t have to close the active app in order to use another app. Now, the MIUI 12 brings in the floating screen which allows multitasking even in small screen. So, for eg: when you are playing a game you can also reply to your friend with the small screen that will be available in some corner of you phone. Also, you can move, minimize and maximize the small screen whenever you want. You can also use this feature at anytime.

Ultra-Battery Saver and Dark Mode:

This feature will allow you to optimize the battery power in a most upfront situation. While your phone consists just 5% battery power, by enabling the ultra-power saver mode you can make the battery last for up to 5hour 2minutes. This feature will restrict background activity and enable dark mode to do so.

Also, the MIUI 12 will allow dark-mode on all the third-party app as well.

App Drawer, Themes:

The UI 12 also comes with app drawer that was first launched in POCO launcher, where the apps will be categorized automatically. Also, the other various themes are now available in highest resolution 215 regions with over 71 languages and that too for free.


MIUI 12 will start rolling out by the end of June 2020 for Mi 9, Mi 9T, Mi 9T Pro, Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro. And the second round rollout will soon be available. Also, MIUI 12 offers Beta Testing which will be available from next week.

List of MIUI 12 Eligible Devices:

MIUI 12 Goes Global: Top New Features and List of Eligible Devices 4

Round 1: June

  • Xiaomi Mi 9, Mi 9T, Mi 9T Pro
  • Redmi K20, K20 Pro

Round 2: To Be Announced

  • Redmi Note 7, Note 7S, Note 7 Pro
  • Redmi Note 8, Note 8T, Note 8 Pro
  • Redmi 8, 8A, 8A Dual
  • Redmi Note 9, Note 9s, Note 9 Pro, Note 9 Pro Max
  • Redmi 7, Redmi 7A
  • Redmi 6, 6A, 6 Pro, Note 6 Pro
  • Pocophone F1, POCO X2, POCO F2 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi 10, Mi 10 Lite, Mi 10 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi Note 10, Mi Note 10 Lite
  • Xiaomi Mi 9 SE, Mi 9 Lite
  • Xiaomi Mi 8, Mi 8 Pro, Mi 8 Lite
  • Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, Mi MIX 2S, Mi MIX 3
  • Xiaomi Mi Note 3
  • Xiaomi Mi MAX 3
  • Redmi Y2, S2, Y3
  • Redmi Note 5, Note 5 Pro

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