Mi Soap Dispenser Review: Fight COVID-19 with a Swagger!


This might be the best review video considering the current situation of the world. You already know what the gadget is from the title and thumbnail. Here is a short and sweet full review of the Mi Soap Dispenser.


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You get the Soap Dispenser, a container bottle with soap, and an Instruction manual in the box. Sadly, the four AA batteries required to operate the dispenser need to be bought separately. Don’t worry! Normal AA batteries from your local electronics store work great.

Mi Soap Dispenser Price in Nepal and Availability:

The dispenser is now available at an affordable price of NPR. 2,299 (Along with a free Hand Wash) across specific Xiaomi offline stores and partners.

Similarly, Mi simpleway Foaming Handwash (1 pack – 300ml) is also available at a price tag of Rs. 1,499.

Mi Soap Dispenser Full Review

The best part about this dispenser is that you can carry it around easily and use it anywhere you like, unlike other soap dispensers which require help from a technician to set it up at a particular place.  The dispenser has a compact and minimal design that Xiaomi is famous for. The matte finish adds aesthetics to the design. Due to the white color, it will also blend in with the majority of the household sink. You can open the bottom compartment of the dispenser to insert the batteries. The soap dispenser’s bottom perfectly fits into the container’s top.

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There is a single touch button on top of the dispenser for all kinds of operations possible here but there isn’t much to do actually. You simply touch the button once to turn the device on/off. A light glow can be seen on the logo when it is on and once pressed it turns orange and slowly turns off completely. The dispenser won’t drop any soap when you approach it in off condition.

You may be thinking how does the dispenser work its magic? Well, it mixes the liquid soap with air in the ratio of 1:12 to give us an economical amount of soap foam perfect for one-time hand-washing. There is a spout on the mouth of the dispenser which is titled at around 45 degrees from the vertical axis. It makes it convenient to supply the foam right into our hands. The dispenser comes with a motion sensor inside that detects the presence of our hands within 10cm from the spout. There is no delay in dispensing the soap foam even when you go for a second take. What’s amazing is that it does this without making any mechanical noise.

The soap container has two holes on top. One for giving soap to the dispenser and another for taking in the appropriate proportion of air in creating the soap foam. The four AA batteries can work the dispenser up to 375 times. This number exactly matches with the 300ml soap bottle available for purchase from Xiaomi so I recommend you get that. The original liquid soap from Xiaomi has a neutral smell and is made up of natural ingredients making the hand soft after use. You can also add any liquid soap in the market into the container but the proportion of mixing it with water might be different for each.


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At budget pricing, this is a great gadget for household usage. It may not be suitable for public usage as after 375 times, you have to replace the battery.


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