The internet in Nepal is solely dependent upon the fiber cables. The internet service providers buys the broadband from the India to supply here. Being the fiber cable service, it is such a difficult to reach remote area and high Himalayan areas. In another hand, the wireless internet service also seems problematic and due to high hills and mountains between transmission hubs. Between these scenarios, kacific is now all set to be first satellite internet in Nepal.

What is Satellite Internet and How it works?

We all know, fiber net travels through fiber cables which runs from the bottom of the seas and oceans. The wireless network travels between the transmitter hubs and receiver hubs situated in some distance in the form of the frequency. Such that like Satellite internet service is the internet that us provided from the launched satellite from the orbits of the earth. No new to that, it travels in the form of the frequency range. Satellite internet just eliminates the fiber cables or transmitter and receiver hubs by the satellite.

The benefit of satellite internet is that it offers no hurdles to any geographic location of that lies in its range. That means, it removes the problem of getting no network or poorer network just because of remote geographical location, as it offers same frequency through satellite from the orbit of the earth.

However, the usage of satellite internet is no new. Many other countries like USA, Singapore, Indonesia are using this internet service. In Nepal too, Kacific is bringing satellite internet in Nepal in cooperation with Everest Link (ISP) and Space Link (NSP).

The Kacific and its Story for Nepal

The kacific broadband satellites group is the next generation broadband satellite operator based on Asia Pacific region dedicated to provide high speed broadband services. It has launched Ka-band satellite named as Kacific 1, which delivers ka band in pacific and South-East Asia.

In Nepal, Kacific has been entering with the co-operation between Internet Service Provider EverestLink and another Network service provider SpaceLink with the motto of delivering high-speed internet service mainly in remote and high altitude area of Nepal. According to spokesperson, Satellite Broadband will be the reliable internet service in Nepal due to its geographical remote structure and they will work on it to make internet service more accessible and economical.

The new comer kacific will focus on high hilly region to improve the internet service. The spokesperson insisted that this will become beneficial in major tourist areas and corporate sector where high speed internet is always in need.

Working Structure and availability to end users

The Ka-band high-throughput satellite provides coverage to more than 25 geographical markets through 56 high-throughput spot beams. The Kacific1 satellite covers the Asia-Pacific regions.

As mentioned earlier, it will provide service through ISP and NSP. Kacific is open for all ISPs to cooperate with proper license. Thus the ISPs and NSPs will be responsible to deliver its services to end user and corporate offices. All kinds of installation, maintenance, trouble shooting and payment will be done through corresponding ISP. There will be no direct contact or link between user and Kacific.

Space Link’s Gigstarter plans:

The SpaceLink has released three Gigstarter plans as of now. The premium one is of total 40 Mbps (30 Mbps downloading + 10 Mbps uploading). However the speed will be unlimited according to officials.

Besides this, this plan doesn’t include installation charge. The user should bear around NPR 85,000 for the installation which is non-refundable.

Gigstarter SimpleGigstarter EverydayGigstarter Ultimate
Suited for: couples and retirees with basic data needs
Suited for: couples and families of 2-4 members
Suited for: Family with 4+ members with everyday usages, enterprises
Downloading speed: 3MbpsDownloading speed: 15MbpsDownloading speed: 30Mbps
Uploading speed: 3MbpsUploading speed: 10MbpsUploading speed: 10Mbps
Concurrent Users: 2Concurrent Users: 2-4Concurrent Users: 4+
Best for:
-Web browsing
-Music streaming
-Email communication
Best for:
-Web browsing
-Music streaming
-Email communication
-Social media access
Best for:
-Web browsing
-Music streaming
-Email communication
-Social media access
-Online video Streaming
Pricing: NPR 17,610Pricing: NPR 25,415Pricing: NPR 31,950

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Pro’s and Con’s Analysis

Primarily analyzing the pricing and economic condition of average population of Nepal, it has both pro’s and con’s. We have tabulated these points below:

Pro’s Con's
Easily accessible in remote areasCostly for average people
Can benefit IT companies and enterprises for backupHigh Installation cost
Will be beneficial in tourist areas and high altitude areas.Not portable
Not feasible in urban areas


To share our opinion, there is no doubt in fact that innovation should move forward. Talking about Internet services in Nepal, its very obvious that due to remote geographical location it has been a big hurdle for easy access to network. In this scenario, the satellite Internet service could be the best solution. But the arising question is how feasible and economical it is? As context of Kacific broadband, it seems a new step but we have to see how it runs in further days.


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