Nepali Reality Show “The Leader” is Paying Back NPR. 1100 to the Registered Users


Nepali Reality show, “The Leader” came to a halt because of unavoidable circumstances. Due to the discontinuity of this show, producers came to a decision to return the registration fee (that is Rs. 1000) along with an interest of Rs. 100. This news was brought to limelight through Nepali news channels and social media platforms. 883 out of 1192 people have already taken Rs. 1100 back. Chief Executive of the production company, Bipin Kumar Acharya said that few people didn’t take the fee back claiming to participate in the show if it continues in the future. A total of 301 people have not got the fee back yet. 

The host of the show, Rabi Lamichhane, who is also an influence to many of the people who registered, stated that returning the money back to the candidates is his duty too. Chief executive of the production company Bipin Kumar Acharya said that they haven’t used the money and they will pay back all those who claim through different online wallet, bank account and directly to the people themselves.

Contact Details for Approaching Payback

Recently, “The Leader” provided their contact number and email address on social media for the people who wish to claim the registration fee back along with an interest of Rs. 100. 

The email addresses provided are: 


The contact numbers provided are:

  • +977 9841956906
  • +977 9841125617 
  • +977 9847910105
  • +977 9861164944
  • +977 9801116718 

About the Show 

“The  Leader” is a Nepali reality show produced by the SRBN Media. This show was made with the purpose of discovering a visionary commander, a leader who can give vision instead of speech and solution instead of problems so as to change the current situation of the country. 

Rabi Lamichanne was hosting this show. While the former Prime Minister of Nepal Dr. Baburam Bhattrai, former Chief Justice of Nepal Sushila Karki, Journalist and Politician Rabindra Misra, Pradip Giri and Pradip Nepal were to be seen on the judge panel. This show was to boardcaste on News 24, Ramailo TV and the Gundruk App but shifted to Galaxy 4k afterwards. 

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The show was announced on the 26th of Mangsir, 2076 B.S. and it claimed to launch auditions in all seven provinces of Nepal and even in foreign countries. 100 best candidates would be chosen and brought to Kathmandu for the final judgement. A total of 1192 people registered for the show paying Rs. 1000 as registration fee. 

Why “The Leader” came to a halt?

While the show was processing, COVID-19 pandemic broke out giving pause to everything including this show. Now that the pandemic is somewhat in control, the program was supposed to resume. Nevertheless, the host of this show Rabi Lamichhane has now entered in politics which is the recent reason of stoppage of “The Leader”. The show has yet to determine whether to cancel the entire show or hire a new host. 


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