Binit The Internet Hero is no more with us But his Binit land will be always with us.


Binit, who is he?

No one is perfect in this world, but with continuous and consistent effort, hard work, and dedication, one can attain the state of perfection. On this inappropriate day, we lost a true gem of our IT community, Mr. Binit Ghimire. We express our deepest condolences to the bereaved family and pray that they rest in peace in heaven. 

Even though he is not present with us now, he will forever live on with us in our memories, and the whole community will remember and cherish him through the great contributions he made to the IT community and the industry as well. 

No one is perfect in this world, but with continuous and consistent effort and dedication, one can attain the state of perfection. Which applies to Binit Ghimire, our IT industry hero.

He began his academic career at Chitwan and finished it there. He successfully fulfilled the requirements for his B.C.E. degree at United Technical College. 

We need to exert a lot of effort and pressure in order to turn into a gemstone. It seems as though he had had a variety of ongoing challenges over a period of twelve years. 

The skills he had acquired with consistent and proper dedication were used to solve real-world problems. Solving real-world problems, finding and helping other people, and contributing to the community were what he lived for. A dedicated and talented individual with prior experience in IT.

He had created more experience and his own image with his venerable contribution in all areas of web development, network security, and penetration testing. 

With his renowned contributions in every sector, he had gained experience and his own reputation. We should have certain abilities to maintain and advance our expertise in the professional world, but in his case, he has taken over the entire system and has a significant influence practically everywhere. For a very long period, his reputation and contributions persisted in the working world.  

There is always a distinct area for him and his contributions in the fields of penetration testing, cryptography, digital forensics, and reverse engineering. 

Some social profiles of Binit Ghimire.
Twitter : @WHOISbinit
Linkedin : @thebinitghimire
His own website :
His github :

Binit The Internet Hero is no more with us But his Binit land will be always with us. 1
A internet HERO (BInit , a GEM of cyber security of nepal)

How did he start?

In 2014, he began his professional career as a YouTube video creator. He used to post cyber security and information security instructional videos, as well as demonstrations of security projects. 

In 2018, he started as ASK Buddie’s Community Administrator. It was the beginning of the Ask Buddie community. He helped build a superb Ask Buddie network, as well as general community administration, remote support for community members, and aid with many elements of technology. Later on, it helps with the development of a strong community and the resolution of national issues.  

 In 2020, he began working as a Cyber Security Intern at Eminence Ways Pvt. Ltd. He began his career as a consultant at Genese Solution Pvt. Ltd. 

Where has he been ?

He was active not just in community building and income, but also in studying.

He was the one who was always on the lookout for opportunities to participate in various activities, such as: 

  •  NepHack 3.0 Online CTF 2020: Winning team
  • fourth solver (4th place)
  • Threatcon Nepal Cyber Range 2020: 4th place
  • VirSecCon CTF 2020: 49th place
  • H@cktivityCon CTF 2020, 48th place
  • QuantumHack Hackathon 2020: tenth place
  • A Day of Code 2020-Boston International College: Second position and Best Code
  • CoTS Vector CTF 2019: Winning team
  • 129th position in picoCTF 2019:

What are some of the things he has been honoured with?

After a long journey, he has been honoured with several awards, such as;

He was thankful to all the companies, which  acknowledged and rewarded over 70 multinational companies, organizations, and universities in total for responsibly discovering and reporting security vulnerabilities in their platforms.

  • Facebook Whitehat, 2018, 2019 and 2020
  • October 2019: Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) Online Service Acknowledgements, October 2019
  • Alibaba Security Response Center Hall of Fame, April 2019
  • The CVE Assignment Team at MITRE assigned CVE-2019-11513, CVE-2020-13487, and CVE-2020-13660 for 3 different vulnerabilities that I discovered in multiple platforms, i.e., bbPress and CMS Made Simple.
  • GitHub Education Octograd Class of 2020
  • Acorns Grow, Inc. Hall of Fame
  • Adobe Hall of Fame
  • The AT&T Hall of Fame
  • AniDB Appreciation
  • Atlasian Opsgenie Hall of Fame 
  • BlueJeans Network Hall of Fame
  • Cardboard Hall of Fame
  • CERT.LV Official Letter of Appreciation
  • Caffeine Hall of Fame 
  • The Cloudways Hall of Fame 
  • Coinbase Hall of Fame
  • Corebox Appreciation
  • Credit Karma Hall of Fame
  • Dell Technologies Hall of Fame
  • Directly Hall of Fame
  • Endurance (Constant Contact, Inc.) Hall of Fame
  • Fitbit Hall of Fame
  • HubSpot Hall of Fame
  • Humble Bundle Hall of Fame
  • InVision Hall of Fame
  • Indeed Hall of Fame
  • iRobot Corporation Hall of Fame
  • Hall of Fame
  • KeyBank Hall of Fame
  • Magisto Hall of Fame
  • Mailgun Hall of Fame
  • Mastercard Hall of Fame
  • NCSC-NL Acknowledgement and Sign of Gratitude
  • Okta Hall of Fame
  • Hall of Fame
  • Pantheon Hall of Fame
  • Pinterest Hall of Fame
  • PureVPN Hall of Fame
  • Recommendation from the University of Vienna
  • Redox Engine Hall of Fame
  • Ribose Security Hall of Fame
  • SAP Concur Hall of Fame
  • Simple Hall of Fame
  • Skyscanner Hall of Fame
  • Sophos Hall of Fame
  • StackPath Hall of Fame
  • StackPath Hall of Fame 
  • Statuspage Hall of Fame
  • Stripo Hall of Fame
  • Hall of Fame
  • U.S. Department of Defense Hall of Fame
  • UNDER ARMOUR Hall of Fame
  • USAA Hall of Fame
  • University of Cambridge Letter of Acknowledgement
  • WordPress Hall of Fame
  • Zynga Inc. Hall of Fame

Along with it he has been on the talk show also:

  • The session “NtHiM (Now, the Host is Mine!): Super Fast Domain Takeover Detection” at Black Hat Asia 2022 Arsenal: Presenting Rust-based Project.

What Kind of Projects Has He Done?

Throughout his life, he completed several projects, some of which are listed here. 

  • NtHiM was a work in progress for a lightning-fast domain takeover detection tool based on Rust! 
  • The project was called the Emergency Medical Response System for Smart Cities (EMRSS). It was created during the QuantumHack hackathon and may be used to send a notice to contact an ambulance at the nearest hospital using WebSockets when someone is in an emergency situation. 
  • The COVID-19 Tracking Utilities for the Modern World were created at a hackathon and consist of a COVID-19 Tracking Web Application written in PHP and an AJAX command-line utility written in Python. Adel was in charge of a command-line tool that selects IP addresses from a list of domains.
  • COVID-19 The Tracking Web Application was a web application project designed with front-end technology like JavaScript to operate on static hosting services.

CV Of our legend

What should we learn from Binit?

In addition to existing, Binit had the ambition of producing more of his kind.We should learn to be curious and always have a hunger for learning new things, dedicating our time to solving real-world problems, making a change in people’s lives, contributing to open source and community, building it , and helping people. Because life is short, we must do everything productive we can in a short period of time for our own mortality and to contribute to mortality. 

He will be remembered as our greatest contributor and all-time leader, and this loss will never leave anyone’s mind. As our all-time Nepali ethnonalist, he will be committed to being our biggest contributor.

We will always Miss You Binit , Rest In peace BINIT 💖
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