Instagram will start to prioritize short video content more than photos on its platform.  Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram has recently posted a video on his Twitter page stating that the company is focused on bringing new video-based features to the platform. He has given hints to the users that Instagram is longer a photo sharing app. In the video, he also clarified that Instagram will focus heavily on creators, shopping, and video messaging. Many users and experts have guessed that “Exclusive Stories” are going to be the next big update on Instagram.

Instagram’s “Exclusive Stories”

The announcement didn’t come as a huge surprise. Various leaks had earlier confirmed that Instagram had been working on a new feature called “Exclusive Stories” for a long time. The new feature will allow creators to specify the content and make their posts exclusive for particular users or a group of users. The idea is to let celebrities and brands create posts for a certain audience and enable people to charge for access. The Exclusive Stories feature is believed to be available only for big influencers and celebrities. Instagram wants to get the attention of brands, companies, and artists to create exclusive content for their fans. It is planning to do so by exploring the functionality of its app to grow featured hashtags around the globe.

Facebook wants Instagram to be the creator’s platform. The social media giant clearly feels the dependence of celebrities and influencers on its growth. And for that, it wants to provide them every tool they need right on the app itself. Instagram also knows the significant increase in impact video content makes compared to still images and photos. The growth and wider adoption of the short video sharing app TikTok on marketing also lured Instagram to enter into the Video Marketing segment. These changes encouraged Instagram to no longer specify itself as a photo sharing app.

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Instagram intends to support it creators who have millions of followers. Similarly, it wants its platform to be used as a marketing medium by big companies and brands around the globe. The addition of features like shopping, messaging along with “Exclusive Stories” will surely set the app apart from the crowd. Not to miss, it will make Instagram the number one choice for brands. Instagram wants to evolve over time and provide all the right tools needed for the creators for smooth interaction among followers. Likewise, it plans to form a collective bond between influencers and brands. 


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