How to vote for your favourite contestant in Nephop ko Shreepech?


“Nephop Ko Shreepech” is the first “Rap Reality Show” in Nepal. It is reportedly being very popular television show as this show carves the real talent of Rap genre. As the voting round has started, many of you might have questions regarding “How to vote in Nephop ko Shreepech?” In this article, we will help you out!

The show is aired every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 PM on Image HD. Also, it is premiered on the YouTube channel “OSR Reality”. Lately, the Rap genre and rap songs are being loved massively as they are conveying the reality messages of our society, politics, corruption with some aggression and actively. The genre is becoming popular specially among youths and many youths seems involving in singing, composing and promoting rap songs. They believe the rap genre is one of the most passionate genre of composition and it can convey messages directly to the point. The craze for rap songs is increasing massively among teens to the youths.

Popularity of “Nephop Ko Shreepech”

As mentioned before, “Nephop Ko Shreepech” is the first “Rap Reality Show” in Nepal. Despite of being the first season, this show gets active participation of really talented participants in the contest made a lot of fans. Nephop Ko Shreepech’s digital audition was started 20 August 2021. The selected candidates were called and the show began.

One of the factor that gets “Nephop Ko Shreepech” success is also the judge panel. Rap Reality Show “Nephop Ko Shreepech” has 3 judges Girish Khatiwada, Balen, and Manas Ghale, while Mr D., Easy 12, Day Jen, Kavi-g are the mentors, and Suzta Shrestha is a host on the show. Lately the popularity of Balen Shah has also driven a way for this success as people are observing and following him after mayoral candidate of Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

How to vote in Nephop ko Shreepech

Taking advantage of the popularity, contenders are already creating their own or cover versions of famous songs. The positive feedback and popularity they are receiving on social media plainly demonstrate that they have already established themselves as stars in the Nepali music business.

How to vote in Nephop ko Shreepech?

As the voting round has started, audience and viewer voting is extremely important throughout the live round. Each week, viewers can cast votes to keep the competitors safe from elimination, as stated by the organizers. It is evident from this that the show and its participants are also extremely popular in other countries. As a result, both eliminated candidates and those remaining in the race for the crown are receiving numerous offers to perform overseas from various organizations.

You can vote online using the OSR connect app. When the app opens there you will see or you can search the name of your favorite constantans and vote for them.

To vote:

  1. Download OSR connect app via Playstore or App store.
How to vote in Nephop ko Shreepech

2. Sign up in the app and the home page will open up.

How to vote in Nephop ko Shreepech

Then you can see the name of contestants directly in the page, tap on them and the voting option shows up.

3. OR, you can see the option ‘vote’ in the navigation bar at the bottom of the score.

How to vote in Nephop ko Shreepech

Then, you can see the name of all contestants with the vote now option. Lastly, you can finally cast your votes either through esewa or Khalti. Since, these wallets are already integrated in the app, it is easier to vote.

The winner of Nephop Ko Shreepech will be awarded Rs. 10,00,000. Similarly, the runner-up will be Rs. 5,00,000. According to the organizers, they will also be able to do a world tour.

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