Google Meet is Now Free for Everyone amidst COVID-19 Outbreak


The enforcement of lockdown and social distancing has led to everything going online. Form a business meeting to educational classes it is all switching online platforms. With this, there has been a spark in online video conferencing platforms such as Zoom. However, due to Google Meet previously being limited to only Gsuite members who are mostly enterprises and educational institutes Zoom has seemingly gained more hype for everyone’s use. But the problem with Zoom has been the news of it leaking its user’s data to others which had caused major concerns. The data security of Zoom has become questionable now due to which people are looking for alternatives. Amidst this situation, Google has made it’s Google Meet free for everyone.

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet is Now Free for Everyone amidst COVID-19 Outbreak 2

Amidst all this, Google has announced that it will be making its Video Conferencing platform, Google Meet, available for free for everyone. The company stated that anybody with a Google account will be able to access the Google Meet features. The platform allows you to host a free meeting of up to 100 people without any time limit. However, the time limit may be restricted after September 30th, 2020. Google specifically addressed the platform is based on a secure foundation and to secure user information is their utmost concern. You can accept or deny entry to a meeting, send invitations, schedule meetings, set reminders, block anonymous users from entering, and much more in this platform.

No more Zoom?

All in all, Google Hangout Meet provides a secure Video Conferencing platform facilitated with excellent features. The great news is that now it is available for anyone with a Google account for free. This will be of great help to institutions and enterprises who aren’t a member of Google’s G-suite as well as for anyone wanting to hold online meetings. You can even hold an online birthday or music events on the platform if that’s what you like.

In a time when the security concerns of Zoom and lack of alternative had left users in dismay, this seems like a smart move by Google to take advantage and boost its video conferencing platform. A safe and well-equipped video conferencing platform backed by Google surely seems like the way to go.


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