Apply these Promo Codes in eSewa to get discounts


Available eSewa Promo Codes

  • 5% cashback (upto Rs.75) on Flight Ticket
    • Code: BARSHA
  • Get NRs. 100 CashBack on your Airline Ticket (You need to purchase atleast 4 tickets in single transaction)
    • Code: VACATION
    • Validity: 29th Poush, 2078
  • Rs. 100 Cashback in first Internet Bill Payment
    • Code: NAYA
    • Validity: 30th Poush, 2078
  • 5% Cashback In internet bill payment
    • Code: 5GATEY
    • Validity: Every month 5 gate only

Here’s a tutorial on how you can apply any eSewa promo codes on/via your eSewa app:

How to use Promo code?

  • Open/ Login to your eSewa Account
Esewa Promo code
  • Open “Offers” Tab (Placed in bottom right corner)
Esewa Promo code
  • Enter the promo code in the “Redeem Section” and Click “Apply

How to apply Promo Code while performing transactions?

  • Open/ Login to your eSewa Account
  • Select your desired feature/service and enter payment details
  • Before proceeding to payment, click “Have a Promo Code?
Esewa Promo code
  • Enter the Promo Code and click “Apply
Apply these Promo Codes in eSewa to get discounts 2
  • Check details and Proceed to payment
Esewa Promo code
Image Credit: eSewa
  • Enter you MPIN to complete the transaction
Esewa Promo code
Image Credit: eSewa

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About Esewa

eSewa is a mobile wallet that lets you pay merchants online and offline, transfer money to banks, and with a bunch more services. It is a subsidiary company of F1Soft International which is one of the leading FinTech companies in Nepal. It aspires to build a cashless economy by encompassing all aspects of the payment industry (large/small, retail/wholesale, public/private), providing high-quality financial services, and becoming one of the most trusted service providers. Customers of eSewa can simply pay their bills via the mobile app or internet login.

eSewa is a pioneer in the digital payment industry in Nepal. Its mission is to provide a secure, integrated, and most comprehensive payment process for businesses, associations, and other organizations by going above and beyond to assist customers, banks, merchants, and maintain high-quality customer service and risk management.

Note: If you have any problem applying the eSewa Promo Codes, feel free to comment below.


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