Ashar 15: Best Nepali Agriculture Apps for Successful Farming in 2020


Planning to raise the economy through agriculture to a large extent, Nepal is pushing it from all angles possible. Transfer of technologies from the innovators to the farmers level is considered an important task and various GOs, NGOs, INGOs, CBOs are working for it. Besides these organizations, now there are lots of mobile applications which are working as the pocket guideline of the farmers. Application-based agriculture extension has become possible through smartphones. Farmers can download simple apps and can have access to information about the solution to the problems. The information and the solutions are now at the tip of the fingers of users. just slide or tap into the desired source of information you will get the details.

So, here is the list of Best Agriculture Apps for Successful Farming in 2020

best agriculture apps

1: Smart Krishi

Smart Krishi has already been downloaded about 100k times. More than 2k  have given the review and the app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The app provides information about livestock, agriculture, and agricultural insurance including its procedure as well. Smart Krishi, one of the best agriculture apps in Nepal, has incorporated a wide range of information from cereal crop production to vegetable cultivation, cash crops, fruit crops as well as non-timber forest products. Furthermore, pest management of various crops, commercial goat farming, boar goat farming, buffalo and cow rearing, fish production technologies are also available in detail.

Smart Krishi Nepal

One of the interesting features of this application is that it provides a platform for the interaction of farmers with experts. Experienced farmers can connect with each other and share their problems, needs, and experiences through “Krishak Sanjal”. It is a web network where farmers can get any required information about training programs going to be held by some organization, agriculture credit information, marketing and so on. They also provide weather forecasting and provide a daily update of the agro market price from 15 cities of Nepal. This application has been found to be in the fingertip of most of the commercial, marginal, semi-commercial agriculture worker and owner and they claim that it can be operated in the 2G mobile network also.

2: Hamro Krishi

Hamro Krishi is another Nepali agriculture apps having 25k downloads supported by Pilot program on Climate Resilience (PPCR) project running under the Ministry of Agriculture and livestock development. The app includes the FAQs where answers of some common queries about livestock production (pig and poultry, cow and buffalo, ostrich fish), cereal crop (rice, wheat, maize, finger millet), grain legumes, vegetables, fruits, and spices are included.

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Hamro Krishi updates weekly weather-based agriculture bulletin for 26 districts of three geographic regions which might also be applicable for other neighbor districts with similar topography and geographical region. The bulletin constitutes of the possible agricultural activities as per the crop and as per the weather condition.  Other features are success stories, an update of market price, information about agriculture insurance. The app also provides fertilizer calculation for most of the cereals, vegetables, spices, legumes and oilseeds, and other crops for different geographic regions. The bulletins are prepared in collaboration with NARC.

3: Krishi Guru

Krishi guru is another useful agro app with 50K downloads where farmers can be linked with cultivation rearing technology of agricultural commodities as well as livestock production. The interesting feature in this app is the provision of weight calculation of livestock by measuring girth and length.

Krishi Guru

Furthermore, the month-wise price trend analysis of agricultural commodities over the various year encapsulates the farmer to synchronize the production and release of the commodity in the market at the right time. It also has the provision of fertilizer calculation but is more specific in “Hamro Krishi”. The farmer can post and send SMS to get the answers to their queries with experts through these Nepali agricultural apps.


Besides these applications, other mobile agriculture applications are also available. NARC Krishi has more than 10K downloads and also provides authentic information that comes from the research. Krishi Kapurkot ran by Kapurkot RM provides locality-specific information that is useful for the local farmers, vendors of Kapurkot. Many other agricultural institutes, Agriculture divisions are creating the application which makes farmers get all the information locally as well as national, notices released by GOs for the farmers can be assessed by farmers by their fingertips. The application shortens the gap between farmers, experts, and traders. Various actors Agriculture institutes, experts, traders, input suppliers, farmers can be tied or create close interconnection by such applications however they have to work more in the content     


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