Ncell Brings “Super 4G” offer with Non-Stop YouTube for 7 Days


Ncell, one of Nepal’s leading mobile operators has always been known for its exceptional offers and deals. So, yet again Ncell has brought up Super 4G offer where you will get all time data with nonstop YouTube for the whole week at just Rs 127.69. Also, it comes with add-on purchase packs as well.

To purchase this Super 4G data pack, the users will need to be within 4G network coverage. So, when they are in a 4G network and have 4G SIM with 4G handset then they will observe 4G or LTE label in their network bar while turning on the data on the smartphone. 

Ncell Super 4G offer

However, if you have a 4G handset and not a 3G SIM, then you can also visit your nearest Ncell Centre or Ncell authorized shops to upgrade your SIM for free. You will also get 1GB free data when you upgrade. To check if your SIM is 4G or not, type Q and send SMS to 324.

Volume – 4G networkValidityPrice (incl. taxes)
Non-stop YouTube + 4GB All-time data7 daysRs. 127.69

Ncell Super 4G Offer: Add-on Data Pack

If you are interested in this offer and decide to acquire the above Super 4G pack, then you can also purchase the add-ons of any of the below packs. But, to get the following add on packs you will first need to buy the above super 4G pack. Hence, these add-ons are only available after buying the above grand offer.

Volume – 4G networkValidityPrice (incl. taxes)
3500MB for Facebook
(500MB per day for 7 days)
7 daysRs. 25.54
3500MB for TikTok
(500MB per day for 7 days)
7 daysRs. 25.54

So, if you want to use the Grand Ncell 4G add-on offer then you will be getting 3500MB for Facebook (500MB per day for 7 days) at just Rs 25.54 or 3500MB for TikTok (500MB per day for 7 days) at Rs 25.54 as well. These are separate individual add on packs and if you wish you can also buy both the packs. Hence, if you want to enjoy this amazing grand offer then waste no time and get it right away.


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