Worldlink Launches Photon Series With Speed Up To 300Mbps


WorldLink, one of the prominent internet service providers of Nepal has launched the elite and tech-savvy Photon series with Photon 300. This new Photon series package is designed to give an unprecedented experience of high-speed broadband internet up to 300 Mbps across all corners of your house.

It is made possible with the smart installation of multiple routers, in a Mesh Wi-Fi network, mounted at the right position in the house to give a seamless coverage of Wi-Fi internet across the house. Unlike the Wi-Fi extenders, mesh Wi-Fi enables customers to log into a single Wi-Fi network across the length and breadth of the house without the waning of internet speed and experience.

What is Mesh WiFi?

Mesh Wi-Fi is comprehensively built to eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and to provide seamless Wi-Fi throughout the house. It enables devices to have faster speed, greater coverage, and a more reliable connection than a Wi-Fi extender or a secondary router. This network works on a single Wi-Fi SSID and password, unlike a Wi-Fi extender where a user has to connect to different Wi-Fi networks manually time and again.

Worldlink Photon Series: Plans & Pricing

Worldlink Launches Photon Series With Speed Up To 300Mbps 1
Worldlink Launches Photon Series With Speed Up To 300Mbps 2

Installation of Beacon 1.1 with Mesh System

WorldLink Photon Series

Note: The rate mentioned here is up to 2 Beacon 1.1. routers. For the 3rd or more Beacon 1.1 routers, the installation charges will be Rs.8000 each.

Installation Charge

WorldLink Photon Series

Photon Series Availability Areas

Currently, Photon 300 package is available only in few places in Kathmandu. The company ensures that it will make the package in other areas and cities as soon as possible. Find out this new premium internet experience can be accessed in your areas below:

CityCoverage Areas
Kathmandu New Baneshwor, Battisputali, Dhungedhara, Gatthaghar, Sallaghari, Baluwatar, Pepsicola, Koteshwor, Manbhawan, Sitapaila, Dholahiti, Kalimati, Bansbari, Kirtipur, Satungal, Kaldhara, Bouddha, Banepa, Balaju, Imadol, Kapan


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