The biggest festival of Nepalese women- Teej is just a few days away. To make this occasion special than ever, Fonepay has introduced an amazing offer to its users.

With the tagline “Harek Naari ko Aawashyakta, Aarthik Aatmanirvarta“, FonePay has brought this offer where you can win 1 tola gold. All you need to do is use Fonepay direct to transfer funds through your bank account to the other. Ladies, this might be your lucky chance to bag the gold!

Fonepay teej offer is valid till Bhadra 26, 2078. The fund transfer performed within this period is eligible for this offer.

How to participate in Fonepay Teej offer?

Step 1: Log in to your mobile banking app

Source: FonePay

Step 2: Click on the “Send Money” option

Step 3: Tap on “fonepay Direct recipient’s mobile number” and then enter the mobile number of the recipient.

Then, select the recipient’s bank name to proceed

Remember that, the mobile number you enter must match with that of the KYC of the recipient. And Fonepay will announce the winner on their Facebook page. If you do not have a mobile banking app, you can request your respective bank for this service through the online application or by visiting the bank. Then you can download the mobile banking app in your device.

Fonepay has introduced this offer to spread digital literacy among women regarding their banking experience. Moreover, it has embraced the slogan that supports the financial independence of women. In addition to that, it could foster financial inclusion among more women in Nepal along with promoting digital banking practices.

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About Fonepay

Fonepay is a payment system operator (PSO) licensed under Nepal Rastra Bank. It has been providing a wide range of digital payment systems on behalf of many companies, BFIs, and merchants. It has a wide network of member banks and financial transactions that offer mobile banking services to customers.

As a part of the prominent software company- F1 Soft, Fonepay has now provided its services to more than 50 banks and over 13 million users. The first digital payment gateway of Nepal, eSewa is also one of the holdings of this network. Along with that, it has been providing mobile banking and QR code payment services that are making digital payments and banking more convenient than ever. With a vision to serve every Nepali citizen every single day through digital finance, Fonepay is contributing to making Nepal digital through its services.


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