As we already know Google has updated its policy yet again.  As per the new policy, Android applications will not come in the previous form of apk.  From the 1st of August, Google will publish apps using .aab (Android App Bundle) instead of .apk in the play store. The new Google Policy is coming to effect very soon and people are still confused. Many of them have had various queries in their minds since the announcement by Google. People have been wondering about the change in the format of android apps. Well, in this article, we’ve decided to solve all the queries about .aab app extensions. Learn why Google is using .aab, and most importantly how to install .aab apps!

What are .aab apps?

Android app bundle (.AAB) is the application file extension that was introduced by Google back in 2018. The aab file contains the entire program code of the Android app on a single file. The file then needs to be signed specifically for the device before its installation. Since Google’s announcement of the new file format. Many publishers opted for the new extension. This new format packs all your app code in order to save space as well as time. Google’s play store sends only the relevant bits for each device producing the right bundle on-demand for each device. . 

Why Google is Using .aab format?

Having known about the. Aab format,  let’s first know why Google suddenly changed the application extension in the first place. The new application file format was introduced to counter common packaging challenges in the Android ecosystem. Android devices come in different screen sizes, CPU architectures as well as form factors. The apk format doesn’t scale to meet the varying aspects of smartphones. because each package contains all the app’s resources. The new. Aab format considers all the above criteria which make the application format perfectly fit right into the device depending upon the specifications.  

How to install apps with AAB format ?

  • First of all Download the AAB file and store it in your device
  • After that install an app called App Bundle Installer from PlayStore
  • Open the app and Click on Scan AAB. 
  • The app will automatically scan for AAB files on your device and list the files.
  • After that simply select the file you want to install
  • You’ll be presented with confirmation pop-up. Tap on it and install the app. 

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Google estimates a 15% reduction in download size and 20% faster loading speeds in the new .aab compilation format. The new format provides much greater efficiency than a regular Application package and also provides developers more control over their application package.


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