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You may have heard people saying “Google knows you more than you know yourself”. From our previous post, you’ve known how Google tracks you and how much data does Google collects from its users. We’ve been using Google products and services every day for more than a decade. After finding out how much data Google collects from you, you may be eager to view the data you supplied to Google. Well, in this article, we’ll help you to know exactly what Google knows about you and how you can access the data you supplied to Google and also provide a way to download your data for free using Google Takeout.

Download your data using Google Takeout

Google has a separate tool to access and download all your data stored by Google. The tool known as Google takeout combines all your data into one file which you can then download. Using this tool you can download all your emails, YouTube videos and comments, Google Drive files, and almost all your data on Google account. You can choose which data to download and can also choose the extension to download the files. 

Download your data step by step 

1. Open on your web browser

2. Sign in to your Google account you want to download the data

Access & Download Everything Google Knows About You 2

3. Under “Select data to include”, choose the services whose data you have to download. 

4. Click Next step. You can also click the optional detail buttons to choose specific items for each service. 

5. Then, choose a delivery method, frequency of delivery, and the file type and size.

Access & Download Everything Google Knows About You 3

6. Under the Delivery method, you can opt to get a download link via email or store the data archive to, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

7. From Frequency section, you can opt to export the data once or schedule a regular export every two months for one year to the selected destination.

8. Under File type & size, pick a file type for your exports from .tgz and .zip archive formats and the maximum size of a single archive file. That means, if you select 2 GB, exports larger than 2 GB will be split into multiple files.

9. Finally, click on Create export. The export process may take anywhere from a couple of hours to days; you’ll get an email once it gets completed.

Why To Use Google Takeout?

Google Takeout is intended to provide data if you’re planning to leave Google and switch to another service provider. You can investigate what Google knows about you  It is one of the best backup options with which you can export all your contacts, emails, and calendar appointments, and then load them right back up onto your new platform


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