Your Smartphone Knows Everything you do: Here’s How You Are Being Tracked


Along with the rapid development in technology, the number of users using smart devices is increasing day by day. But have you ever thought that your smartphone, smart device may be storing all your information eventually to be shared with somebody else?

What your Smartphone knows about you?

No matter whether it’s your laptop, smartphones or smart home products; all of your smart devices are gathering and storing a lot of your personal data. If you have allowed the browser to remember your login credentials (i.e. passwords, credit card details), these details will be stored on your device. And all this information in your device may be vulnerable to cybercriminals. The information deleted from your device along with data deleted from recycle bin can be recovered until the physical storage space is overwritten. Your device also stores the call logs along with text messages, your location history.

How about home products?

Talking about smart home products such as Alexa and Google Home, they always have their microphone ON. These devices are listening to you whether it be talking to yourself or anyone else. These devices store everything from a whisper to your arguments/confessions. Smart assistants on your smartphones also record your conversation with them in order to enhance your experience of using that product.

What does your device know about you?

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Where is your data used?

Not only your devices but most of the applications installed on your device also collects your information. These applications earn through showing personalized advertisements to you with the help of all the information collected. As claimed by most of these companies, your data is used to improve the technology and for making users life easier.
Although your smart device stores your information to make your life easier and enhance user experience; it may be vulnerable to cybercriminals.

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