Custom ROMs: Here’s Why and How to Install Custom ROMs in your Phone


More than 70% of all smartphones run the Android operating system globally. The main reason for its increasing popularity is its ability to be customized limitlessly. Being an open-source operating system, anyone can take android’s code, modify almost everything and add new features. In simple terms, custom ROMs are modified systems built on top of android with more features, customizable ability, and provide greater flexibility. They replace the pre-installed version of Android on smartphones and replace it with a custom one. In this post we will be talking about why and how to install custom ROMs in your phone.

Why should you install custom ROMs?

As you have already known custom ROMs provide more customization options and add new features to a smartphone but they’re not limited to this. Here are Some of the reasons you should install custom ROM in your smartphone. 

 Get the latest version of android forever

 The most popular reason for installing custom ROMs is to get the latest version of android on your old smartphone. Generally, manufacturers provide Android updates for up to 2 years. After that, phones start to become slow and lack the latest features. By flashing custom ROM you can get the latest android updates regardless of how old your phone could be. 

Get rid of your annoying UI 

Android provides manufacturers the ability to customize the look and feel of their smartphones. The user interface (UI) can be quite annoying and consume more ram and storage as a result of manufacturers’ unnecessary customizations. You can get rid of that annoying UI  and get the clean stock look and feel by flashing custom ROM. 

Remove bloatware 

Especially cheap and budget phones come with a lot of preinstalled apps with them known as bloatware.  The unnecessary apps consume more space and may even make your phone slow. In most cases, you can’t even uninstall them. Custom ROMs can be one of the best ways to get rid of bloatware. 

Manage app permissions

Android is often criticized for its management of app permissions. Android largely depends upon the interconnection of various apps throughout its ecosystem. In android, an app can easily access information of other apps. Unlike the latest version of iOS, you don’t have full control over the app’s behavior.  Using custom ROMs helps you to manage app permission separately so that they can’t collect unnecessary data from you. 

Performance boost 

Custom ROM packs all the features required to minimize hardware usage. The less consumption of hardware resources ultimately makes the phone faster and increases its performance to the fullest. They also increase processing speed and minimize CPU and GPU consumption. 

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How to install custom ROMs

After finding out all the benefits of custom ROMs, you might wonder how to install a custom ROM in your phone and make it faster with timely updates. You may also preassume installing custom ROM will be difficult. Actually, it’s very easy to install a custom ROM on your smartphone. You just have to follow these steps to ensure you install custom ROMs easily and without any hassle. 

First of all, prepare your phone for the installation of a custom ROM. This involves 3 simple steps 

Figure out whether your bootloader is unlocked or not. 

The bootloader is a security mechanism inserted by your manufacturer to ensure you don’t mess with the core component of your smartphone. It loads an operating system when your phone is turned on. Depending upon your device, you can easily unlock it with a simple too depending upon your manufacturer. 

Install Custom recovery

In order to install custom ROMs, you need a custom recovery that allows you to overwrite the operating system. The stock recovery prevents you from writing on the operating system so you’ve to select a custom one. Depending upon the device you can download the recovery but TWRP recovery supports almost all the devices and is the easiest one to install. You can search custom recovery on Google followed by your model number and install it. 

Backup your stock ROM 

Before you proceed any further you must backup your existing stock ROM. You can backup your entire ROM with the help of custom recovery with just a click. The stock ROM file will be stored in your internal storage and if anything goes wrong in the installation process you can always restore your original ROM. 

After you prepare your phone to install the custom ROM. Download the zip file of ROM suitable for your device and flash it through custom recovery. I hope you have successfully installed your desired Custom Rom. If you have any Errors then Comment below, I will help You.


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