Why Your Smartphone gets Hot? Here’s How to Fix it


You may feel your phone getting warm during long usages, gaming sessions, or while charging.Phones getting warm upon usage is common but when your phone starts to increase its temperature constantly there’s a reason to worry. Before going through what to do when your phone overheats, let’s find out the reasons why your smartphone gets hot in the first place. 

Why your Smartphone Gets Hot?

Electricity moves constantly between various peripherals of the smartphone during its functioning and. the phone even has to physically move internal microcomponents to perform certain tasks which generate heat. Not only this,  CPU and GPU usage also equally constitute heat generation in a smartphone. The heat generated from the smartphone is also based on the apps you’re running at that time and the level of multi-tasking. Excessive bloatware also causes overheating issue in smartphones. Not only that Smartphone form factor is also the determining factor of heating on smartphones. Heating a smartphone is pretty common thing but if your smartphone gets excessively hot i.e  too hot to touch or uncomfortable to hold — then you should take precautions to cool it off and keep it from overheating in the future. Here are the few things you can do to fix overheating in smartphones

Turn your phone off and give it a rest 

Extensive usage of smartphones is the most common cause of overheating in a smartphone. If your phone overheats too much, you have to give proper rest to your smartphone. If you can immediately turn off your phone and keep it in some cold place. 

Remove the case 

Smartphone cases are most likely to trap heat inside the phone. If you find your smartphone overheating immediately remove the case of your phone and keep it aside. The removal of the case makes better airflow and the heal can radiate away quickly. 

Stop using your phone while charging

While charging your phone, electrical energy flows from the power socket onto your phone. This in turn heats up the battery. If you continue using your phone while charging, it adds an extra layer of heat to your CPU. It is always advisable to rest your phone while charging. 

Clean up your phone 

Having too many files on your smartphone is also the probable cause of overheating in a smartphone. You’ve to close all running apps, games and immediately turn off GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi. Putting the phone in airplane mode helps to keep a phone cool and so do the software updates. 

Use the right charger 

Smartphone chargers range differs on the output they produce. Depending upon your battery capacity and smartphone support you should choose the right charger which is fit for your smartphone. chargers are specifically optimized for the devices they are used to charge. It is always advisable to use the right charger and avoid using cheap cords or cables made by third-party manufacturers

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Although smartphone overheating is a common thing, excessive overheating may cause fatal accidents and fire. You should always limit the time you’re doing heavy tasks on your smartphone and avoid excessive multitasking. You should never put your smartphone in extreme temperatures and refrigerators to cool it down as Smartphones tend to malfunction in extreme temperatures. 


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