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Khalti Digital Wallet is a popular Digital Wallet and Payment Service Provider in Nepal. Established in 2017, Khalti has more than 1.7 million active users throughout the country. By using Khalti, users can recharge their phone, pay their internert bill, insurance premiums, Government Revenues. Similarly, users can also pay for their waste management bills, domestic flight tickets and many more. It has aided to save its users time and money by providing faster services. Now, Khalti has added an additional service by collaborating with Social Security Fund.

Khalti collaborates with Social Security Fund (SSF)

Khalti Digital Wallet, in collaboration with Social Security Fund has made it possible for employees and employers of government as well as private offices to pay for SSF. It has introduced this service to digitize SSF payments in Nepal.

The arrangement was implemented after an agreement between Mr. jonaam Bhurtel, an Assistant Manager of Khalti Digital Wallet and Mr, kapilmani Gyawali, an Executive Director of Social Security Fund (SSF).This service has made it easier for both employees and employers of private and goverment offices . They can deposit their own or their employees’ to the SSF from Khalti without any hassle.The amount has to be paid by 15th of every month. In case the employees claim from SSF when they have not made the payment, the organization has to pay a fine of certain amount.

Khalti Digital Wallet’s Business Development Manager, Mr. Jonaam Bhurtel shared, “Along with technological advancement, we have enhanced our online payment system to service our customers better in Nepal.”

Jonaam added, “Now employees do not necessarily have to physically be available at the office or banks to deposit their funds. Especially amidst Covid-19, the service has eased people to make contactless payment. The organizations affiliated to the SSF can directly make payments from home using Khalti.”

Likewise, Executive Director of Social Security Fund, Kapilmani Gyawali shared, “We are very thankful to be able to provide this facility to all the employees living across the country. The service has helped to enhance the prestige of both Khalti Digital Wallet and Social Security Fund.” He also thanked the entire team and said that without the technical and management team’s hard work, it would not have been possible.

Khalti Digital Wallet has indeed revolutionized the SSF payment mechanism in the offices of Nepal. This collaboration will ease the work of many organizations not only during covid-19 but also after the situation becomes better.


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