Is your phone waterproof? Test without using a drop of water with this app


Most medium and high-end smartphones come with some sort of protection against water these days. The level of protection mostly depends upon the price as well as the company that manufactures it. Flagship smartphones usually pay some extra bucks to officially certify the device as water-resistant. Almost all High-end smartphones are IP67 certified which classifies and rates the degree of protection provided for water damage. But, did you know? There’s actually an app to test if your phone is waterproof. Let’s learn more!

Here’s how you can test if your phone is waterproof

Even with the certifications, you might fear whether your smartphone can survive underwater and want to know how resistant your phone actually is with water. People have tried to test the water resistance capacity of their smartphones by dipping them in water or throwing them in pools and end up damaging their phones. Fortunately, you don’t have to do all that to test if your phone is waterproof. Water Resistance Tester tests the integrity of your Android phone’s IP67/IP68 rating. It tests your phone’s waterproof seals without pouring a single drop of water. The app uses the built-in barometer found on smartphones to test the water resistance. You just have to download the free app, follow the prompts, press down ‘f’ on the screen, and you’ll get a quick pass/fail grade. The free version of the Water Resistance Tester for Android application is available on the Google Play store.

It is a simple, geeky yet practical app was developed by Ray Wang to help people check the state of their devices’ waterproof sealing. After the repair of a smartphone, the device will be prone to water damage even if it is ip67 certified. The water resistance capacity of a smartphone also degrades over time. In that case, this app comes in handy as it helps to quickly check the waterproofing status of your phone on the go. 

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