Twitter launches Super Follows: Creators can now earn from Tweets


Twitter has introduced a premium subscription plan for its users. The paid subscription option is named Super Follows. It will enable users to subscribe to accounts they like by paying a monthly subscription fee. In exchange for the subscription fees, the subscribers get to enjoy exclusive content from their favorite creators on a timely basis. Creators can choose monthly subscription fees ranging from  $2.99,  $4.99, and all the way up to $9.99.  

Beginning of Twitter Super Follows

The $uper Follows feature was first announced in February this year. Twitter called up an application form in June. The company stated that users over the age of 18  who have more than 10,000 Twitter followers will be eligible for twitter’s new subscription plan. Creators must be active in Twitter and must have performed at least 25 tweets in the last 30 days in order to get access to the new feature. Regarding the revenue split, Twitter claimed that the company will only take a nominal fee of 3% on creators’ revenue until they reach their first $50,000. After exceeding  $50,000 of lifetime earnings on Twitter, the app will take “20% of future earnings from the creators excluding the 30% App Store and Google Play, in-app purchase fees. 

“Our goal is to elevate people driving the conversations on Twitter and help them earn money. We updated our revenue share cuts after spending more time thinking about how we could support emerging voices on Twitter.”

Social Media and Subsription

Twitter isn’t the only free social media platform to introduce paid subscription plans. YouTube offers its Premium plan which allows you to watch any video without ads and watch videos while offline and we might add watch videos without having the app open too. Twitter previously introduced Twitter Blue which asked users to pay for a subscription that provided some very enticing benefits. Now, Twitter also opted to implement yet another subscription plan For Super Follows. Various reports suggest that  Facebook has long considered adding these kinds of payment options for years now and might actually release subscription plans in the near future.

Social Media platforms have mostly been free for anyone who wants to use them. They’ve begun charging their users a certain amount to deliver exclusive services. In order to make a profit from the media platforms themselves, companies have sought to diversify their sources of income. Users or businesses looking to market themselves more effectively could pay a little extra in exchange for the features they want – like previously unavailable ones.

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