Danson Training Launch Event along with a webinar


Danson Solutions is hosting a webinar to announce the launch of its new IT learning platform, Danson Training. An emerging topic in IT in the current world will be discussed in the webinar, namely “Will AI take away human jobs?” Renowned IT experts will participate in the conversation and offer their ideas and experiences on the issue and the IT sector in general. Danson Training will also have a special launch with a demo and announcement of packages for anyone interested in learning IT-related courses. There will also be some special deals that are just available to webinar attendees as well.

Event Details

Title: Will AI take away human jobs?

Date: 18th Sept 2021

Time: 5-6 PM (Nepal Time Zone)

Platform: Zoom (Broadcasted on Facebook live as well)

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/96431833402?pwd=b1dDN0NNamY0cmcvMGJVZnJKa2tEdz09

Webinar ID: 964 3183 3402

Passcode: 414389

Target: Students Interested in the IT Sector and who want to pursue their career in IT.

Moderator: Prenisha and Sashya

Guest Speakers

  • Bikalpa Dhakal: He is a computer engineering graduate with a university gold medal who works as a software engineer at LogPoint A/S and as a teaching assistant at Nepal College Of Information Technology. He masters Python, C, Java, and many other programming languages, as well as databases like MongoDB, SQL, and Firebase. In addition, he’s organized and taught a number of Python training events.
  • Monil: He is a Data Analyst graduate from Stevens Institute Of Technology, New Jersey with experience in data science and business analytics, as well as programming languages including Python, SQL, and R, and has worked on a number of projects in these disciplines/areas. He is also a skilled researcher with over a year of experience working as a data scientist’s assistant in research.
  • SRJ: He is incharge of all aspects of Danson Solution, including Danson Training. He’s a front-end developer and python expert with excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills. He is a technical problem solver who can also provide insight on project management.
  • Sanjeev Sapkota: He’s an entrepreneur who is passionate about marketing techniques and leveraging technology to help firms grow. In addition, he is the creator of the ‘WePost’ communication platform, which streamlines internal communication. Aside from knowing a lot about the project’s technical details and business data, he is also an expert in search engine optimization and digital marketing.

Topics for Discussion

  • What kind of jobs are in danger due to the massive takeover of AI? – SRJ and Sanjeev
  • Advantage of Python over other programming languages – Bikalpa and Monil
  • Will AI take away human jobs? How do you think AI can be used in a humanitarian way? – Everyone
  • Could you please tell us about the use of python and how can learning python help you find better jobs for your career? – Bikalpa Dhakal
  • In the international scenario and big international companies like Amazon and Google, what impact is AI having and what jobs can you get learning AI or lose due to the impact AI is having? – Monil
  • Where is AI heading towards in the next 10 years and its impact on the corporate world? – SRJ
  • As an entrepreneur, how do you think the use of technology in business has evolved over the years, and how important do you think it is going to be for future businesses as well? – Sanjeev Sapkota


5:00 – 5:15 PM: Introduction

  • Moderators and company intro
  • Introduction to DansonsTraining
  • Introduction of the Guest speakers
  • Brief Introduction on the theme of the session by the moderators

5: 15 – 5:55 PM:  Discussion by guest speakers

  • Specific Questions
  • 20 mins in total
  • Khalti TVC Video

5:55 – 6:00 PM: DansonsTraining Demo

  • DansonsTraining Video and Course Launch Announcement

6:00 – 6:10 PM: Q&A session from the audience

6:10 – 6:15 PM: Ending notes by the speaker

  • Certificate distribution by Prenisha and the DansonsTraining Team – VJ


Danson Training is a DANSON SOLUTION subsidiary that provides an IT learning platform. Online live lessons in various programming languages, web development, app development, game development, and graphic design are all available to students of all ages through this company. In addition to the live sessions, the professionals also give and grade numerous projects and tasks. When it comes to Danson Training, it’s all about its commitments such as:

  • Make learning interesting and engaging by including interactive elements into your classes.
  • Offer classes by experienced professionals
  • Make the learning more flexible
  • Help users to achieve your dreams

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