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Are you waiting for joyful moments to end this year 2021 with all cheers and happiness? You are a few days far from it. The two biggest occasions are coming soon on the leap (i.e. Christmas and New Year). Tuddrom Flagship Store Presents SHOP and WIN, an exclusive offer that everyone is curious to know. Aren’t you?

As, Pandemic is hovering around and you would not be able to enjoy going to events, grouping with friends and all occasional parties. However, you can celebrate one of the most beautiful festivals of the year, Christmas, staying at home.

If you are unaware of our Tuddrom Flagship Store the check out our previous Blog to know more about it.

Tuddrom used to be an online retailer for 2 years but since Dec 12, 2021, they have upgraded their services to an offline retail chain with a new strategy of Tuddrom Flagship Store. In simple terms, Tuddrom products are now available at online and offline stores. This time Tuddrom encourages you to buy your favourite pair of earphones from their Tuddrom Flagship Store.

Why should I buy My Earphones From Tuddrom Flagship Store?

Tuddrom ensures that on their journey they have served quality products. They have claimed to satisfy all of their customers in any way that any customer wants.

Regarding their customer’s feedback and reviews, they have planned to upgrade their service more than this usual pattern. That is why they are now on an offline retail marketplace too.

Correspondingly, Christmas plus New Year is also on the way to arrive near. With this in mind, Tuddrom is bringing an exclusive offer regarding the Tuddrom flagship store titled “Tuddrom Flagship Store Present SHOP & WIN”.

“Tuddrom Flagship Store Present SHOP & WIN”

When the offer will begin?

The offer is valid from Dec 17, 2021, to Dec 31, 2021.

What are the Offers?

3 lucky customers get Rs. 1500 worth of Food vouchers from Khaanpin and 3 months Spotify premium.

How could I win this offer?

To win this offer, you have to purchase earphones from Tuddrom Flagship Store. There are 2 different buying processes from Tuddrom Flagship Store.

In the first process, you can simply visit their website and click on the page Tuddrom Flagship Store. Thereafter, you will see different Flagship Stores name and their location. After that, you can choose your best suit location to pick up your order and will be registered in the campaign offer.

In the second process, you can go to your nearest store and can buy Tuddrom earphones. In that way too, you will be registered in this campaign offer.

When will the winner be announced?

The 3 lucky winners will be announced on 1st Jan 2022, on the occasion of the New Year. Christmas will be worth it for you with Tuddrom’s shop and win offer.


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