Tuddrom Nepal opens its Flagship Stores across Kathmandu


The only approved TUDDROM reseller and distributor in Nepal is Tuddrom Nepal. Tuddrom Nepal, for example, sells high-quality headphones, wireless earbuds, and Bluetooth earphones. Further they view their business as Nepal’s top earbuds brand, with the goal of cultivating musical and auditory experiences among Nepalese people. And also with an emphasis on the young and fun-loving. Today, Tuddrom also inaugurated its flagship stores.

About Flagship Stores

Tuddrom Nepal opens its Flagship Stores across Kathmandu 2

Flagship is a modern phrase derived from nautical traditions, in which the Flagship vessel is designated as the fleet’s lead ship. Likewise Flagship vessels must be larger and more powerful, well-known, or have the most advanced armaments. With this in mind, the name “Flagship Store” was coined to represent the above-mentioned Flagship vessel. Moreover, Flagship Store serves as a showcase for the brand as a retail chain in this module.

Introduction to Tuddrom Flagship Stores

Further something highly significant will take place in Nepal for the first time in 2021. In history, there has never been a more exclusive method of commercialization. Similarly, a concept that goes beyond the usual anticipation.

Tuddrom Nepal is a luxury brand. Also is already well-known.on introducing into the company gap-filling business modules industry of earphones Now it’s time to come up with its saving virtue.

With strong customer relationships Tuddrom Nepal is making progress. Tuddrom Flagship Store is undergoing a business transformation; a module to provide a more convenient shopping experience for customers.

Overview of Tuddrom Flagship Stores

Tuddrom Nepal haven’t yet acquired their fresh new store and decorated it in the way that a Flagship Store should be decorated. However, they have partnered with a variety of local mobile phone stores. “Their shop space will become our Flagship Store to showcase our product” this is what Tuddrom Nepal mentioned.

Tuddrom Nepal opens its Flagship Stores across Kathmandu 3

Benefits of Tuddrom Flagship Store

  • Pick-up facility

Customers can take this facility from Tuddrom Nepal‘s website for the store which they want to pick up their product at their specified time.

  • Drop-off facility

Customers can take this facility to drop their product. Which might have the warranty issue or product problem from any of the authorized resellers. Click on request for warranty of Tuddrom Nepal’s website where they will get the form to claim the issue.

Likewise after visiting the store, if the customer physically damaged the product, the warranty claim will not acceptable. But, if the manufacturing defect arise in the product, thereafter the claim will be accepted.

  • Product exploring facility

Tuddrom Flagship Store is not only for buying purposes. Customers can also go there to just see the product, feel it, and grab the information about the product.

Location of Tuddrom Flagship Stores

TFS 001 Smart Mobile Care, Thamel
TFS 002 Touch and Talk Mobile Hub, New-Road
TFS 003 Electro Mobile, New Baneshower
TFS 004 Om Sol Trade, Boudha
TFS 005 New Denish Electronic Enterprises, Bhaktapur
TFS 006 Jalpadevi Electronics, Kritipur

Summary of Tuddrom’s Vision

Tuddrom Flagship Store is a series of stores that serves as a showcase for the brand’s products. For clients, they want to create a “Tuddrom Nepal Destination Store”. Finally, clients will start shopping for Tuddrom’s products both online and offline.

We congratulate and wish all the best for everything that Tuddrom is doing !!

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