Top 5 Useful Android Apps to Install on Your Device


Hello People! Here are the top useful apps that you can install on your device if you are an android user. You may have some of this stuff already on your device or may have used at some point of time.

1. Super Backup

Super Backup: useful android app

Super Backup is an application used to transfer data from your old phone to a new one. This app comes into use when you want to transfer all your data from your old device to a new device. To use this app, you have to install this app on your new device, as well as the old device. You should create a backup of all your device data and upload it to google drive from your old device. Now using the same app you can restore all those uploaded data in your new device after downloading the file uploaded in google drive.

2. Adobe Scanner

Adobe Scanner: useful android app

Adobe scan is one of the many apps available at Google Play Store, which helps us in scanning our hardcopy documents and converting them into digital form. You can scan Whiteboard, Forms, Documents and Business Card through this app. There is an auto-capture feature on the app, which finds the borders and automatically takes the picture. You can create a single PDF file by scanning multiple pages.

3. TickTick


TickTick is mainly a To-do List app along with a habit tracking feature. It also contains features like Remainder and Calendar which helps you to organize your day and also helps to get your things done. It is an easy to use app with minimal UI design.

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4. for making your Internet Safer

Top 5 Useful Android Apps to Install on Your Device 2

In simple words, is basically a VPN app that uses private networks in remote locations. With the help of this app you can replace your connection with the Internet using a modern and optimized protocol. By using this application no one can snoop on what you do online.

5. Reface

Top 5 Useful Android Apps to Install on Your Device 3

As its name suggests, Reface is an app which helps you to swap face from a picture to any of the video available on the app. In this app, you can take a selfie of yourself or use a pre-clicked picture to face swap with bunch of different videos.

So, these are the top android apps that maybe useful to you.


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