Now You Can Pay Your Credit Card Bills of Standard Chartered Bank via eSewa


Just a few days ago, Standard Chartered Bank Nepal was live in connectIPS to accept bank transfers from all the mobile banking apps. In addition to that, now you can also pay for your Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card bills online using eSewa mobile wallet. 

Yes, there is no need at all to physically be present at the bank to repay your credit card bills of Standard Chartered Bank, since you can simply pay it through eSewa. 

As you know, credit card facility is a type of credit that the bank allows you to make payments to the purchase you make through it, irrespective of the size of your bank balance. It issues a plastic card in exchange for your promise to pay back the credit in time. In Nepal, the credit lasts for a payback period of 15 to 45 days with a certain limit of credit amount. So, it is obvious that you must redeem your credit card bills to activate it for the next time. However, it was a hassle for the SCB Credit Card users since they have very limited options to redeem it. 

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Know More about Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card

Standard Chartered Bank Nepal is most popular for its peerless credit card service delivery among all the commercial banks of Nepal. Its credit card system is supported by Visa, where there are three major credit card options for the users with attractive reward points. SCB’s credit card payment is supported in eSewa for the following credit cards types:

1. Visa Classic Credit Card

It is a common credit card service of this bank which is widely acceptable in both Nepal and India. Here, one can issue additional cards for their family members as well. Any Nepali citizen with either a monthly salaried income of NRs 9,000 or a self-employment income of NRs 10,000 can apply for this credit card service. It comes with a limit below NRs 150,000.

2. Visa Platinum Credit Card

It is issued to the premium customers who have a minimum monthly income of NRs 1,00,000. Well, you must have a sound income source to be eligible for this and can maintain a credit limit above NRs 1,50,000.

3. Bhatbhateni Lav Card

This card is specially issued to the regular customers of Bhatbhateni Supermarket by SCB Nepal. It is co-branded by SCB to the BBSM customers who make regular purchase through credit cards. SCB Nepal allows 10% discounts on every purchase from any BBSM outlets to its customers using this card. The Visa Platinum Credit Card holders can get up to 25% cash back on the first transaction made at Bhatbhateni Supermarket outlets.

4. Priority Banking Credit Card

It is issued to those who enjoy priority banking services. Those are the premium customers who perform transactions in a larger sum and have higher fixed deposits and enjoy locker facilities. The priority banking credit card users are privileged for pre-approved credit limit without any issuance fees.

These credit cards are issued to those holding their bank account in Nepali Rupees. So, these credit card users can pay their credit card bills online using eSewa, except for the users of USD Credit Card where the customers are required to maintain a Foreign Currency (FCY) Account. It implies that the USD Credit Card holders are not eligible to enjoy this service via eSewa.

Now lets get to know how to pay for SCB Credit Cards from eSewa

Step 1: Log-in to your eSewa account and click on “Credit Card” option.

Step 2: A list of Credit Cards will be shown for which you can make payments using eSewa

Step 3: Click on your Credit Card.

Step 4: Select Card Type.

Step 5: Enter your Card number, Name, Amount, and click “Proceed”.

Step 6: Check the details and Confirm the transaction.

Curious about the Reward Points?

Standard Chartered Bank Nepal is well known for its reward scheme for Classic and Platinum credit card users.

If you are using any of those two cards, you can earn points on every purchase made using your credit card at any merchant outlets (except cash /quasi cash transaction). You can use the accumulated reward points to redeem for the gift vouchers or any waiver offers in the annual fees as per the bank’s immediate notice (if any).

SCB has the following reward scheme for its Rupee Credit Card customers excluding the Visa USD Credit Card Users:

  • Get 1 reward point on every purchase of NPR 100 and more.
  • Points valid for a period of two years.
  • Points redeemable against gift vouchers of Department Store or waiver on annual fee.

You Can Now Transfer Money to Standard Chartered Bank from Any Other Banks via ConnectIPS

With this integration between eSewa and Standard Chartered Bank, now one can simply follow these steps and pay their credit card bills online! Isn’t it easier now in this lockdown period? Actually, this is going to help even once things go normal because who would bear the hassle of going to the bank on own and paying for credit card bills, while you can simply do the task on a few clicks staying at home! I hope you would share it to your friends who own SCB’s credit card facility, won’t you?


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