Six Advanced Technology and Electronics Used In Your Motorbikes


Motorcycles as a whole have come a long way with the significant improvement since their inception over a century ago. With motorcycle technology coming on leaps and bounds in recent years, it could be argued that the future of motorcycles is already here. Today various technologies are used in the motorbikes you ride to increase their safety, comfort, and visibility. Check out some of the advanced technology and electronics used in modern motorbikes below.

1. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

ABS vs Non ABS explained with bike - YouTube

In recent years, Anti-Lock Braking System is becoming an industry standard for modern motorbikes. Almost all new motorcycles are equipped with ABS as a safety feature. It is one of the most important features in production bikes as it stops wheel lock/locks during braking. Initially, there was only one predefined setting for ABS intervention, which is now developed to various levels so that it could be selected by the rider depending upon his need. The ABS modes come in various levels with minimal to maximum intervention. This is definitely the top feature motorcycles these days possess as it ensures riders’ safety.

2. Adaptive Headlight

New 7inch. LED Adaptive Headlight 7 Motorcycle LED Projector Daymaker  Headlamp For Harley Davidson 7i… | Harley davidson, Led projector lights, Motorcycle  headlight

We all know that many old motorcycles have low-beam fixed headlights. They illuminate the road directly ahead of the motorcycle. But the limitation with these old headlights is that the light cannot be adjusted according to requirement. So, new adaptive headlights are in play in the motorbike industry now. The new adaptive headlight allows the sensor to pivot the light which in turn improves the visibility. Many latest models of motorcycles are featuring this type of headlights.

3. Electronic Tire Pressure Monitors

Six Advanced Technology and Electronics Used In Your Motorbikes 2

Modern tire compounds can afford enormous levels of grip. But, they have to be at an ideal temperature in order to deliver optimal traction. To hit these optimal temperatures, tires have to be properly inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended level. Additionally, properly inflated tires will yield better mileage, shorter braking distances, and result in more uniform wear. Electronic Tire Pressure Monitors are attached in almost all new modern motorbikes to keep a close eye on your tires’ pressure. This also makes it much easier to maintain optimal tire pressure at all times.

4. Automatic Clutch and Gear Shift

EFM Auto Clutch Completely Automatic No-Stall Motorcycle Clutch

The relation between clutch and gear shift in a motorcycle is as close as the bone and muscle of a body. The efficiency of riding a motorcycle is often determined by the use of clutch and shift gears. As we know, most of the old models contain manual clutch and gear shifting. This might turn off first-time riders who are used to ride automatic cars. But, many manufacturers nowadays are rolling out bikes with automated clutch and shift operation. Through this technology, new riders won’t have to spend time learning how to shift gears. Hence, this advanced technology is making riding motorbikes easier and more smooth.

5. Air-Bag Clothing

This motorcycle airbag jacket will automatically inflate when it detects an  accident - The Verge

Air-bags are a standard feature in cars and trucks today. However, they are not an industry-standard in motorcycles yet. Now many motorcycle companies are making vests, jackets, and bodysuits that come with air-bag technology. Like airbags in cars, a sensor detects a crash and triggers the airbag to deploy into clothing items. They deploy at impact and stop the rider from getting hurt. They also provide cushioning from the sides of the vehicle. Although it is widely used in the racing industry, this technology is becoming much more available each passing day.

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6. Brake Light Modulator

Six Advanced Technology and Electronics Used In Your Motorbikes 3

As riders, it is crucial to take proactive measures to lessen the likelihood of an accident or injury while on the road. Not only your gears and devices, but you must also ensure that you are easily noticeable by other drivers. Basically, that’s the idea behind the brake light modulator. With a bike’s stock taillight running through this module, when the front or rear brake is activated, it will repeatedly flash, making you and your bike far more visible. As a motorcyclist, driving ahead of cars and vehicles can be very dangerous. That’s why this modern advanced technology is one of the most useful devices for motorbikes.


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