Nepal Telecom Authority will Set Standards for Routers to achieve internet uniformity across the country


The Internet has become an integral part of our life. In recent years, speed of internet has started to matter much more than it previously used to. The rise in online gaming, paired with online classes and work from home combined altogether demands a significant increase in internet speed. However, we are found to be regularly complaining about our internet speed. There are various reasons like; router malfunction, wrecked connections, and other minor problems. Our ISPs may not have listened to our complaints but Nepal Government certainly did. For the first time in Nepal, the government has drafted router guidelines as well as specific standards for routers which every ISP must follow inside the country. 

Guidelines to set Standards for Routers

The government has introduced guidelines and regulations for Internet Service Providers to ensure better internet coverage throughout the country. The government planned to bring uniformity in WiFi routers and adopt the latest technology to provide better internet at a low cost with the help of advanced routing technology. This move will make sure that ISPs remain responsible for the performance of their broadband connection. This will incentivize them provide a fair service to their subscribers. NTA’s standardization of routers is mostly intended to make ISP’s accountable for the type of performance customers receive in terms of speed, quality, and other aspects of their service. 

Nepalese internet service providers have a history of providing inferior routers during the installment of service. They tend to provide routers for free as part of the promotional offer on a new connection. The provided router is just 2.5 GHz and incapable for many devices and slows down the internet connectivity. Companies have been bringing improved 5GHz routers. However, only limited customers buy them and there is a widespread issue of poor internet connection. 

The Role of Nepal Telecom Authority

Nepal Telecom Authority will Set Standards for Routers to achieve internet uniformity across the country 2

Nepal Telecommunications authority is expected to finalize the routers’ standards criteria in the coming weeks. Min prasad Aryal, Director of NTA stated that the implementation of router standards in the country will provide uniform internet speed as well as uninterrupted internet across the country. 

“Customers won’t feel short of service for their payment after the routers’ standards are fully implemented. The authority will also provide routers conforming to the set criteria to the customers.”

Min Prasad Aryal
Director, NTA

Nepal Telecommunications Authority in coordination with the government of Nepal has already drafted a set of router guidelines and regulatory standards for internet service providers (ISPs). All ISPs in the country will be required to follow to ensure better internet coverage throughout the country.NTA also stated that there will be regular checks on ISPs. NTA will categorize them through a rating system. The standardization of routers will certainly help to nullify the slow internet connectivity and make Nepalese ISPs more accountable for the internet speed and performance they are presenting to their customers.

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