Prabhu TV merges with Dishhome to provide efficient service


Dishhome, one of the largest digital television service providers in Nepal has merged with Prabhu TV to provide a unified service from a single roof. The two companies, which have long been providing Direct to the Home (DTH) and digital television services and the internet have merged to provide services under the same brand DishHome. The merger between Prabhu TV and Dishhome is expected to change the facets of Television and Internet service in Nepal.

Prabhu TV and Dishhome Merger

The merger of two companies is not only for the television service. The internet service provided by them will also be merged into one. From now on, the service will be available by the name of dishhome internet.  Both these companies had started providing internet service just a year ago. Managing Director of Dishhome Sudip Acharya said that, an agreement has been signed to provide both television and internet services through the same company. It means that, the company will remain as it is and the company’s services will be migrated to DishHome. The two companies are involved in the work of Company Registrar Office for this. As of now, everything as well as the process of service migration has already started. 

According to Acharya, Prabhu Television has around 125,000 subscribers and there are around 10,000 users of the internet. The work of the customer migration has also reached the final stage. The companies will complete the migration work in a short time. Likewise, the service will be provided in the name of Dishhome. Acharya added that customers will have the facility to choose Dish Home, IPTV, Cable TV, Terrestrial based TV during the service migration.

“Currently, Prabhu is providing IPTV and terrestrial-based TV services. We are working on migration by arranging for customers to get more than they use.”

Sudip Acharya – Managing Director, Dishhome

The merger between Prabhu TV and Dishhome having a common goal will surely enhance the services. We hope that the joint effort made by the two well-established companies will create a benchmark of their services in the Nepalese market.

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