NTA Complaint Handling System: Register Complaints Regarding Telecom Services Online


Nepal Telecom Authority (NTA) has started addressing public complaints through NTA – CHS (Complaint Handling System). Unlike before, NTA is introducing something new and highly beneficial in the sector of telecommunication services.

As this app starts functioning, both customers and the telecom service providers will be at a benefit. Also, all those complicated procedures to follow while making complaints will now shift online. This implies that complaining about any telecom service that you use will now be even more easier and effective.

But first, what is the Complaint Handling System?

NTA Complaint handling system is particularly a system to address public grievances and complaint regarding the quality of telecom services. In other words, it’s a web portal to collect feedbacks about telecom services within Nepal. The system notes down customer complaints and conveys them to the concerned authorities. This helps them to improve their services and fix the system in case of software bugs or errors.

How is the system beneficial?

Previously, people had to visit the telecom service centers and authorized offices to register their complaints. It was way too tough to follow stressful procedures. Also, passing documents, contact info, and details was complicated as well.

But with this web portal, customers can now conveniently register their complaints online. Similarly, telecom companies can also easily view and work on those complaints/feedbacks. This will allow them to refine, renew, and improve their services in a much effective manner.

Additionally, the system actively supervises the customer’s service experience. So, in a way, it’s like assisting with customer care service.

How to register and add your complaints?

To make complaints regarding telecom services, one can easily go to the NTA CHS page.

NTA Complaint Handling System

  • Firstly, load the NTA-CHS page.
  • Then fill your details (first and last names, mobile number & email).
  • After this, create your own password for the page
  • Finally, verify and submit it.

Nepal Telecom also addresses complaints regarding several ISPs in Nepal and more. Apart from this, “Hello Sarkar” is also there to address public complaints at local levels. People can register complaints on the portal through calls, Facebook, Twitter, Viber, and email. So, gradually everything is shifting towards digitalization. And hopefully, we’ll be able to see Telecom taking a positive leap in Nepal.   


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