Noodle, a Nepalese startup, is an online store where you can buy music and products from your favourite performers, as well as review communities and crowdfunding to help them achieve their goals. Music has always been an important part of our everyday life, but the manner in which they are consumed has changed with the growth of technology. New musicians can now get their music in front of millions of people through streaming platforms. Current digital technology, aided by the internet’s power, has made a wide range of music collections available at one’s fingertips. Many existing/new streaming firms have joined the music streaming sector globally, recognizing the need for content and the possibilities for income creation in the music market.

Noodle provides artists access to GoFundMe and other financial channels and the ability to conduct crowdfunding events at their ease, for the first time in Nepal. Everyone will now be able to support their favourite musicians, whether it’s for a new album, a video, a performance, or anything else. Noodle is a promoter of the artist’s rights, recognition, and admiration. Noodle believes in giving artists greater agency and raising awareness about piracy, artist support, and music rights in the Nepali music industry. With the help of this platform, fans will be able to purchase songs from their favourite artist. Users will also be able to listen to a preview of the song before buying it.
Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and other streaming services compensate their artists depending on the number of listens they get. These figures are notably low for unsigned, up-and-coming musicians who do not have access to marketing staff to assist them in expanding their following and increasing their streams. But in noodles, you have to purchase the song to listen to it. Nepali artists now have the opportunity to profit from each and every song they create, even if they are not working with any big music companies.

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