Nepal Telecom’s ‘Happy Learning Pack’: Should you go for it?


Nepal Telecom has initiated ‘Happy Learning Pack’ to conduct, organize online classes for academic purposes like teaching and learning, in Nepal. This data package was made accessible from 3rd Bhadra, 2077. And since then it has been serving in creating a comprehensive virtual class management system.

Nepal Telecom initially offered the Happy Learning data plan to students, instructors, and educational institute employees. However, this package is now available to anyone who wants to participate in online meetings or seminars using mobile data. To subscribe to this service, one has to simply dial *1441# and just choose the data package of their convenience.

Nepal Telecom Happy Learning Pack: Data packages offered

This learning pack comes with two exclusive data packages. Within the package, users can purchase 24 GB of data for Rs 315 and 35 GB for Rs 500. Customers can use 20 GB of the 24 GB of data allocated to them for virtual learning activities through applications like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Additionally, they can use the remaining 4 GB of data from some other applications. Similarly, users can also use 30 GB of the 35 GB service plan for online learning activities via the listed applications. They may use the remaining 5 GB of data from some other applications. Both packages have a 28-day legitimate period. The overall learning experience has been transformed by such learning data packages. They make the learning process more easy, transparent, and productive.

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This subscription is a decent deal for students and educators all around the country who would like to conduct teaching and learning activities at a reliable and economical price. Interested customers can register with their names and phone numbers. One can contact their corresponding institutions for more details and to be associated with this service plan. Moreover, the students who have registered for or accepted the NTC SEE student package may also reap the benefits of this happy learning pack by dialing *1441#. Users who purchased the ‘Happy Learning Package’ for attending their daily online classes, meetings, and seminars have praised the educational delivery and management of this digitized learning experience provider.

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Popularity of online learning packages

Previously, Nepal Telecom had unveiled E-Shikshya, a specialized online learning service package with a heavily sponsored broad data pack that operated across all networks. It is brilliant to start interactive learning platforms like these. Because, they provide access to up-to-date course materials while also accommodating educational needs at periods when pandemics have disrupted physical learning. This eLearning pack has grown in popularity and recognition among students and educators all over the country. 


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