Working from Home? Here’s Affordable Data Packs from Nepal Telecom, Ncell


Nepal Telecom and Ncell have come up with affordable work from home data packages for this lockdown. With the prime aim to facilitate the individuals working from home in this Pandemic.  Both the companies have categorized the data packs based on various use cases ranging from special app data, regular data, and all-time data. 

Nepal Telecom: WFH Data Pack

Although Nepal telecom hasn’t officially proclaimed the lockdown package in its list of data packages, the state-owned telecom company has some affordable data packages. The data packages are ideal for this lockdown whether you’re idle at home or working from home. Depending upon your requirement, you can choose from short-term and long-term data plans. 

If you need a data pack for a shorter time, you can subscribe to 1.5GB of data for just Rs 95. The data pack will be valid for seven days and you can subscribe to the data pack. If you need the data on an hourly basis you can subscribe to 2 hours of unlimited data for Rs. 30. If you’re planning to subscribe to data packs for a longer time, you can choose data plans valid for up to 28 days. The data price ranges from Rs 45 to  649 in which you’ll be able to enjoy data packs along with complimentary voice packs. 

Ncell: LockDown Data Pack

Ncell also introduced a new data pack plan focusing on this lockdown. The latest data pack from Ncell is an app-specific data plan which means you are limited to consume this data pack in special apps including Microsoft teams, Zoom and Google meet. In addition to the app-specific data, you will also get complimentary data that you can use anywhere. Based on the requirement, you can choose either the 2 GB option or opt for 14 GB instead.  The 2 GB work from home data pack will cost you Rs 31 and will be valid for a day. If you need a longer pack you can subscribe to a 14 GB pack which will be valid for 7 days at rs 127. In addition to the app data, you’ll also get 150 MB  and 3GB all-time data respectively in the same package. 

Which Data Package are you using? What do you think about these data packages?
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