Nepal Telecom expands 4G LTE Namaste WiFi Network


Nepal Telecom plans to expand its 4G LTE Namaste WiFi network to deliver high-speed internet and phone services in areas where FTTH is not available, as well as in the most remote locations. The company is offering a variety of attractive 4G LTE Namaste WiFi service packages. Nepal Telecom and Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd. have reached an agreement to provide these packages along with necessary devices to its customers. Sangita Pahadi, the company’s Chief Commercial Officer, and James Nyachyo, the company’s (Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd.) CEO signed the deal.

4G LTE Namaste WiFi Offer Details

PackageData VolumeValidityPrice
Individual Package
-Home Broadband Basic 60 GB 30 days Rs. 800
720 GB 12 MonthsRs. 9,000
-Home Broadband Premium 120 GB 30 days Rs. 1,200
1440 GB 12 Months Rs. 13,500
Government Institution Package
-Sky Broadband_ PremiumUnlimited @5 Mbps (8 AM – 6 PM)
Unlimited @1 Mbps (P AM – 8 AM)
30 days Rs. 3,650
-Sky Broadband Basic Unlimited @2 Mbps (8 AM – 6 PM)
Unlimited @51 kbps (6 PM – 8 AM)
30 days Rs. 2,100

Nepal Telecom is now offering two types of packages through 4G LTE Namaste WiFi: Individual Package and Government Institution Package. Home Broadband Basic 60 GB at Rs. 800 is offered for 30 days under the Individual Package. Similarly, a one-year subscription to the 720 GB pack costs Rs. 9000. It can be utilized for a period of 12 months at a rate of 60 GB per month. As an add-on pack, you can buy a 60 GB pack for 15 days for Rs. 400 in both cases.

Namaste WiFi

Under Home Broadband Premium, a 120 GB plan is available for Rs. 1200 for 30 days. Similarly, a 1440 GB pack for one year costs Rs. 13,500. It can be utilized for a period of 12 months at a monthly rate of 120 GB. As an add-on pack, you can obtain a 120 GB pack for 15 days for Rs. 600 in both circumstances. For Rs. 3650 and Rs. 2100 for 30 days, the Government Institution Package offers a choice of packages. These packages allow you to use an unlimited amount of data. Customers that purchase a lump sum bundle annually or semi-annually will receive a significant discount.

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Detailed information regarding the 4G LTE Namaste WiFi service package and its rates is available at Because 4G coverage has now reached most parts of the country, and the number of users seeking high-speed internet access through various devices at home or at work is growing, the company claims that the Namaste WiFi service is likely to be effective and appealing.


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