Nepal Investment Bank Goes Digital: Online Account Opening and More


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In the dawn of digitalization, Nepal Investment Bank LTD (NIBL) has finally endured to the next step of digital advancement through e-banking. Going digital with a click of a button has become its current motto. Customers can now conveniently access the benefits of its digital presence and have full control over their account, 24/7. 

New technologies have been incorporated to transform their existing banking model into a new banking prototype. NIBL has unveiled many new financial services and ensures seamless and faster services to its clients.

NIBL Online Account Opening 

Nepal Investment Bank Online Account Opening

NIBL Online saving account is a digital saving deposit proposal with numerous privileges comprising amazing interest rates and returns. Generic information about the applicant is mandatory in the online application form. An applicant needs to insert information like salutation, their gender, phone number, date of birth in both A.D and B.S is demanded, account type, preferred branch, email address, and a code which is visible on the document. Credentials are also required along with these data. A single passport size photo along with a legitimate copy of citizenship card or a valid passport or a driving license is obligatory.  

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Peculiarities and facilities 

Some of the principal qualities and conveniences provided by NIBL online saving account are free insurance of debit card, the interest rate of up to 4.25% per annum, easy payment through online banking including e-Banking, connectIPS, multiple digital wallet offers, free insurance of debit card, zero balance, insurance of the chequebook on the request of an account holder, free utility payments, discount at various outlets, free banking and mobile banking (Value added services) facility for the first year. 

Transaction aptitude in the new e-banking service is made secure employing a NIBL One Time Password facility which comes with an annual charge of 200.OTP security helps prevent access breaches and these passcodes are easy for banks and organizations to integrate into their authentication strategies.

It offers services for settling utility payments like the Shopping mall model under which several utility expenses like online air and movie tickets, insurance payment, ISP bills can be paid, bill payments under which internet and cable TV, Dish home recharge can be settled and Top-up, where one can send credit through Ncell and NTC, can be funded.

With the new e-Banking utility, customers can perform online banking transactions from any part of the world. NIBL has started reshaping its banking model by reforming existing transaction-based banking into experience-based banking. 

More about their online participation 

One can also download the form online and apply for this new digital facility. To be associated with their e-Banking system, one needs to input their e-Banking User ID and 1st (Sign-on) Password and login to their system.

The traditional system in which their banking approach functioned has finally witnessed the glories of digitalization. Embracing new digital technology and tools in their banking procedure will certainly support them to become more efficient and guide them to catch up with the surging requirements of their customers. Having an online presence might also create productivity improvements in employees and with digital technology playing a pivotal role in development Nepal Investment Bank Limited will surely uplift their banking demeanor.

What are your thoughts on NIBL’s digital modification and is it compelling enough to participate in their banking system?


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