Nabil Kitab Jatra 2077, The 3rd Edition of Literary Fair Happening This Magh


Nabil Kitab Jatra 2077, the third edition of the Literary Fair organized by the Kitab Yatra Foundation is going to be held from Magh 17th to 23rd this year.

Kitab Yatra Foundation held a press meet at the Carnival Restro and Meetings in Thapagaun on Sunday earlier this week and disclosed that this year’s ‘Kitab Jatra’ will last for a week. The chairman and festival director of the foundation of Nabil Kitab Jatra, Rishi Ram Adhikari shared how the book fair will be held through mass, virtual media as the effects of Covid-19 are still prevalent. They have collaborated with dotcom, a book travel app for making the fair more interactive.

The chairman also shared how the book fair will be aired from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on January 3rd and from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the last day of the event. He added how individuals can get information about the books available in Nepal and can buy them from KitabYatra’s website or mobile app.

Nabil Kitab Jatra 2077

Nabil Kitab Jatra

Kitab Jatra is an annual event of Kitab Yatra Foundation and Kitab Yatra Private Limited that reflects the diversity of national interaction and the need for a common platform for the society which is ultimately centered on upgrading reading culture in Nepal and encouraging tourism via literature. It intends to commemorate the power of words, honoring literature personality, discussion series with the prominent authors, editors, readers, entrepreneurs, and government officers with regards to the reading culture in Nepal.

AP1 HD television is the broadcast partner of Nabil Kitab Jatra 2077, AP1 television has partnered with Kitab Jatra to help expand the purpose of the Jatra more practically. This year there will be seven sessions involved in the Jatra, special poetic performances, and other sessions with personalities from different fields including language, literature cinema, enterprise, and society.

At the press meet for this event, Anil Keshari Shah the chief executive officer of Nabil Bank Limited and the title sponsor of Kitab Jatra said how strongly he ‘Believes in the power of books and how significantly it is associated with our future’. He added by saying ‘Our country is culturally rich and jatra is an important part of it and Kitab Jatra is a celebration of knowledge and education which withholds the power to connect us with the next generation. Shakuntala Joshi, a poet shed light on the important role played by jatras in connecting literature with the life of a common man.

If you are passionate about books, reading, and want to be involved in a literary festival, then this jatra is for you.


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