Is your ISP providing you Internet Bandwidth as Promised?


As many customers were complaining about the less internet speed provided by the service providers (i.e. ISPs), Nepal Telecommunications Authority had issued a directive to the service providers to provide information about the bandwidth to its customers. It has already been a year since the directive was issued but till now, only 20 Internet Service Providers out of licensed 128 Internet Service Providers are providing the bandwidth details to their customers. These 20 ISPs have already made necessary arrangements to easily access and understand how much internet bandwidth is being received along with time.

Vianet Communication Pvt. Ltd.

Subisu Cablenet Pvt. Ltd.

Himalayan Online Services Pvt. Ltd.

Broadband Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

I-zone Pvt. Ltd., Urlabari

Sustainable Networks, Lalitpur

Classic Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Alisha Communications Link Pvt. Ltd.

Prime Network Pvt. Ltd.

Shikhar Net Pvt. Ltd.

Ultranet Communication Pvt. Ltd.

Cherry World Communication Pvt. Ltd.

Firstlink Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Life Net Pvt. Ltd.

L.N.T Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Worldlink Communications Ltd.

Clean Network Pvt. Ltd.

Sky Broadband Pvt. Ltd.

Unified Communication Pvt. Ltd.

Next Geekers Pvt. Ltd.

As ISPs allows access to bandwidth details, it will be easy for the users to know whether they are receiving internet as specified by their ISP or not. As per Telecommunication Service Quality Regulation 2073, the quality of download should be more than 80% for internet or data service and the quality of data upload should be more than 75%. According to Nepal Telecommunications Authority, Internet Service providers ignoring the directive can be fined up to Rs 500,000 if they do not provide their customers with the bandwidth details.

Does your ISP lets you access bandwidth details?

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