Intel or AMD; Which could be right processor for your new pc/ laptop?


There’s always a mental dilemma in choosing the right CPU for your  PC or laptop. You have various choices including AMD, Intel, NVIDIA too. As the CPU is one of the most crucial components of any laptop or pc. The entire system works around the CPU and clock speeds along the core counts can make a major difference in performance, providing a snappier system, smoother gameplay, and faster completion of intensive tasks such as video editing and rendering. In this article, we will talk about which processor is right for you and whether you should go with Intel or AMD’s way. 

Although intel itself is behind the creation of AMD, It is providing the steeve competition to intel in the CPU market for decades now. These two are the major computer chip manufacturers who maintain the duopoly in the computer chip market, especially in windows computers. Earlier this year AMD edged out intel with a market share of 50.2% compared to intel’s 49.8% in windows. the introduction of Ryzen processors in 2017 helped AMD to dethrone intel from the leaders of the microprocessor 

The choice of processors primally depends upon your budget and requirements. Intel is best known for its power-saving capabilities whereas AMD is known for its best multi-core performance but falls behind on single-core performances. AMD is specifically suited for budget games as its integrated graphics are far superior then intel counterparts. Most Intel processors are locked in at a fixed clocking speed but AMD processors can be “overclocked” i.e  they can be made to run at a faster speed when required

For everyday web browsing, streaming, and answering emails both intel and AMD CPUs will give you excellent performance right out of the box if you’re a budget-conscious buyer and can bring out maximum performance from the processor then AMD is the way you should go. But if you’re not too tech-savvy and want low power stable performance you can go with Intel. 


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