Bought a New Laptop ? Here’s 7 Must Have Laptop Accessories


So, you’ve finally bought a new laptop? Congratulations! You’re probably excited, walking out of the retail store hugging your new laptop like a newly found soulmate and thinking of all the games you can play and movies you can stream on it. But wait: before you leave that store, don’t you think it would be great if we add a little more sugar to that already sweet laptop? Well then, read on as we talk about the 7 must have laptop accessories.

7 Must Have Laptop Accessories

must have laptop accessories


Sure, you love your new laptop, but wouldn’t you hate having to clutch it everywhere you go? Why not buy a backpack designed specifically for carrying a laptop? Good quality backpacks are water-resistant, not to mention they have a designated space just for your laptop, so you won’t have to jumble it up and risk it being scratched by other contents of your backpack. Most good quality backpacks come in the 1500 to 3000 rupees price range, not a bad investment at all.

Portable Hard drive

If you love playing video games, but hate uninstalling them to save space on your laptop (don’t we all), then go on ahead and buy a 1TB-2TB portable hard drive. They can be plugged into USB ports and come in handy when you want to back up your files on the go. This is essential especially if you love games that are 40 GB and higher, which is the common size for new AAA titles, sometimes even larger.

Power bank

If you’re always on the go and don’t like wasting time charging your laptop before moving on to your next destination, then a power bank AKA portable charger, is a must. Choose a power bank that can charge at least half of your laptop’s battery, so if your laptop has a 50000 mAH capacity, then choose a power bank that has at least 20000 mAH. If you’re feeling really enthusiastic, then go for one that has the same capacity as your laptop’s battery.

Cooling pad

If like many laptop users, you oftentimes experience overheating and noisy fans when using it for too long (as is the situation with most laptops, gaming and non-gaming alike) then it would be best to invest in a cooling pad, it can prolong the life of your laptop by preventing damage due to overheating.

Gaming Controller

The beauty of having a laptop supported by Windows is that you can connect your Xbox 360 controller via Bluetooth and play games the same way you would on a console. If you have a laptop but have an inclination towards console gaming, or if you find that keyboard and mouse controls aren’t really suited for you, then buy a gaming controller that you can connect to your laptop. You can also do this for Mac, but it isn’t as easy compared to using it on a Windows OS.

Lap desk

If you would prefer using your laptop while in the comfort of your own bed, or if you’re in a public place that lacks a proper surface to place your laptop on, then a lap desk will definitely make things a little more comfortable. It’s portable, light, and good if you don’t like the position of actually using your laptop resting on your lap.

Cover and Skin

A Cover and Skin will protect your keyboard from dust and dirt, which in the long run will aid in your laptop’s longevity. Thin and transparent keyboard covers can prevent damaging particles from getting into your laptop without having a very big impact on the way you use it, you might even forget that it’s just an accessory and not a feature included with the laptop.

Well, there you have it, our top 7 best laptop accessories that are absolutely essential if you want to have the best experience possible with your newly bought laptop.  Now that you’re done reading, it’s probably time to start surfing the internet for the best possible prices for these aforementioned accessories, given that there are dozens of options on the market today for all possible budgets and sizes, you won’t have a problem in choosing what is right for you.


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