InfoDevelopers Introduces Fund Transfer Service from Wallet to Cooperatives


InfoDevelopers introduces fund transfer service from Wallet to Cooperatives. For 18 years, InfoDevelopers have been providing fund transfer and various other services to the cooperatives. Its services go from Mobile Banking, ATM, eBanking, Tablet Banking, Inter Bank Fund Transfer (IBFT) to much more.

This time, InfoDevelopers brings in this amazing service where we can transfer fund from our e-wallet to the cooperative accounts. With legit experience in the ICT field, InfoDevelopers has about more than one thousand affiliated cooperatives. So, with this newest facility, it can enrich its resources.

This is a new service where users can transfer the fund straight from their e-wallet to the co-operatives account. Meaning, we don’t need to travel till the co-operative offices to save or deposit our funds. We can do that straight-up from our respective e-wallet app in the easiest way possible.

InfoDevelopers Introduces Fund Transfer Service from Wallet to Cooperatives

As of now, this facility of transferring funds to cooperative accounts is possible from eSewa. However, the company is working on integrating the service with other e-wallets in the near future. So, with that onboard, users can transfer money directly from their respective eSewa account to their cooperative account very easily.

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This service has been initiated for the approachability and the betterment of the members of the co-operatives, as it will facilitate quick and easy transactions without any hassle.

Moreover, Suresh Kansakar, the spokesperson for the company, informed that this facility has been evoked, withholding the current global situation in mind where people and their safety are the foremost priority. This way, people don’t have to break the current lock-down rule and can also adjust to the current situation.


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