HULT PRIZE 2021 Coming in December, Focusing on Food


The Hult Prize which has been named as “Nobel Prize for students” from media sources worldwide, started in Nepal from TU (Campus Director from Pulchowk Campus) and KU in 2016.

The Hult Prize is offered in partnership with the United Nations. It is hosted and supported by Hult International Business School, and generously funded by Swedish entrepreneur Bertil Hult and his family. It is also the world’s biggest student-centered event and crowd-sourcing platform. Each year thousands of college and university students from 121+ countries participate, and since its inception, participants have represented 2,000+ institutions of higher education.

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The Hult Prize is going on 11 years now and the event this year will be happening on the Pulchowk campus by December and is to be featured online. This event will feature more than 10 participating teams. The On-campus Program aims to find student Prodigies on the “Food For Good” challenge.

Hult prize 2021 Challenge will create jobs, stimulate economies, reimagine supply chains and improve outcomes for 10,000,000 people by 2030.

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Basics to be known about “Food for Good” Challenge

Food defines the human experience. our relationships with food combine to shape our bodies, our minds, our communities, and the world we call home. Food is the ultimate equalizer.

Yet increasingly over recent decades, food systems have become machines of extraction that reduce our well-being, weaken communities, and impoverish the world around us. Store aisles are filled with arsenals of cheap, addictive products that attack the soul through the hollowness of manufactured consumption. Even street  Vendors peddle what has become a legalized weapon of mass destruction. Parents wage a daily battle to nourish and nurture their children, while supply chains funnel massive profits to corporations and billionaires.

In 2021, the Hult Prize returns to the roots of the human experience – food. We are challenging participants to transform food from a necessity for survival into a vehicle of change and prosperity for humanity.

hult prize nepal

This is also not a challenge for the exploitation of agricultural workers. This is a challenge about food and the human experience. This challenge is about our own life,  our own family, and the possibility of turning a looming crisis into opportunity.

In 2021 the Hult Prize aims to impact the lives of 10M people in the next decade while strengthening communities, increasing incomes, feeding the hungry, and creating jobs.

Hult Prize Rewards

  1. The winning team and participating teams will be certified by the Hult Prize Foundation.
  2. The winning team will go directly to a Regional Summit.
  3. The winning team in the Regional Summit will get a chance to win 1$ million.

In Nepal, The Hult prize, Pulchowk On Campus program is Co-Organized by Nxtgen and the Campus Director For The Hult prize is Mr. Jay Kishan Panjiyar.


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