How to Break into Tech Jobs Without Starting Over


The tech industry today is similar to what the stock market used to be in terms of demand. There are many companies that are dying to hire tech talent but struggle sometimes to find the right match because there is not a big supply of professionals. Therefore, tech jobs usually have a high salary. 

According to Glassdoor, most tech jobs are above $100,000. So, it’s no surprise that everyone wants to try their luck in the tech industry. Besides, let’s remember that in the future of work, most of the jobs we know today might not even exist. Therefore, if you switch to a tech profession, you’ll be making your career future-proof.

However, we all know how difficult it can be to start all over again with a new career. You’ll have to learn everything from scratch in a field you’re not even familiar with. Now, what if you could break into tech without having to start over again? There are many professions that involve similar skills to others in the tech industry. It’s just a matter of doing research. Here we show you some tech jobs that will help you break into tech without having to start over. 

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Finance → Data Analyst

It doesn’t matter what your particular financial background is; whether you’re a financial advisor or a loan officer, you can easily learn data science principles because you’re familiar with the process. 

Data scientists or data analysts collect, scrape, filter, and analyze data to create meaningful insights to help companies make better decisions. This is very similar to what you do as a financial advisor. Besides, it’s very convenient to have that experience because it makes you seem more valuable as an employee.

Retail → Customer Support

If you’ve ever been in the retail industry, you understand how it is to deal with customers’ queries. Sometimes customers don’t have the best attitude but you still have to help them. In the customer support, customer service, or tech support field, you’ll be more than comfortable. 

You already have social skills and good communication so you only have to learn the technical skills related to the product or service of the company you’ll be working on. But you don’t need to study a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Sales Manager → Project Manager

Project managers must have excellent communication skills because they deal with people to make sure they all understand the goals. These professionals are the bridge between the technical and the non-technical teams. Sales managers feel comfortable dealing with people and coordinating tasks. This is a great alternative for sales managers that want to dive into the tech industry. 

A project manager handles everything related to the project—from the budget to the team and even the strategies. According to, the average salary of a project manager is $90,139 a year. 

Architect → Web Designer or Graphic Designer

Architects usually have a sense of design and aesthetics. They understand the principles of design and know-how to apply them to their projects. This isn’t very different from what they’d do as a graphic designer or a Web Designer. Although it’s a different field, architects are able to apply their design skills to any website or graphic content with a little bit of practice. They don’t need to start over again with a foreign career. This can be a great alternative for those architects that want to break into tech. 

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Today, entering the tech industry is the best way to be prepared for the future of work. With the development of Artificial Intelligence and robotics, some professions might be replaced by automation. It’s our responsibility to remain life-long learners and adapt to the situation. 

However, this doesn’t mean we need to give up our passions and dream professions. If you’re a journalist and still want to be working in the content creation department, SEO and digital marketing can be a great choice and you won’t have to start all over. There are many career equivalents in the tech industry that you can choose from; you just have to be creative. 


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