5 Tips for Making Money Online During the Pandemic


Everybody wants to make money online but few bloggers follow the sound, proven tips persistently, to profit. If you honor your fear, you move away from money. Whereas, if you feel fear, clear fear and proceed anyway, you move towards money. In this post, I will be sharing the 5 tips for making money online.

Take Niraj’s generous guest post invite. Most bloggers turn it down because they fear rejection, or, the content won’t be good enough. Other bloggers fear being criticized by fellow bloggers, or perhaps, via the new, unfamiliar audience.

making money online

This is the first step in making money online.

1: Head Towards Fear and Hug It

You were born rich.

Success is yours.

Even if people around you did not appear to be wealthy while you grew up you still were rich and remain rich until you accept ideas from other people that you are not rich. Why? Money is in consciousness. Money is in mind. It is an idea.

Success if Yours

The only thing separating you from making money online is fear. Heading towards fear, feeling fear, and the proceeding is the quickest way to make more money online.

Do you fear being rejected? Move towards rejection. Do you fear wasting time? Move towards that fear. Do you fear to be too self-promotional? Move towards that fear. Do you fear that not promoting yourself will result in nobody knowing about what you do? Move towards that fear.

Hands down guys; every time I see money flow to me, I moved towards a fear, hugged it and proceeded to allow the money in.

2: Be Generous

Be Generous, making money online

Help people freely and give no thought to how your service will benefit you.

This is a really difficult point for most bloggers because most help someone with a heavy attachment to outcomes. Like, they write a guest post then check their email every 2 hours to see new clients who found them through the guest post. This is not generosity. This is heavy self-service.

I read how someone asked Gary Vee how he appeared on the world-famous Conan O’Brien show. Gary said he did 2000 YouTube interviews. Some interviews had zero views but since Gary Vee is generous and does not care about what’s in it for him, he gained massive exposure and became an icon.

Money flows to bloggers who generously help tons of people and do not care what’s in it for themselves. Cultivate this mindset to make serious money through your blog.

3: Create and Connect

Create helpful content. Build strong bonds with fellow bloggers.

Money flows to generous and connected bloggers who solve problems and grow their friend network freely.

Take this post; I offer value to you and Niraj. We all win. But the opportunity only arose because we befriended one another through our joint generosity. We connected by helping each other. Our bond grew, we became good friends, then, since good friends help each other, he asked me to guest post and I accepted.

Robert Kiyosaki said the richest people in the world look for and build networks while everybody else looks for work. Be a connected blogger by commenting genuinely on blogs, by promoting bloggers on your blog and by detaching from outcomes.

Generous, creative, connected bloggers gain massive exposure and gaining massive exposure helps you make money online.

4: Open Multiple Streams of Income

Open multiple streams of income.

Give people a chance to buy based on their preferences.

Some enjoy reading eBooks while others prefer listening to audiobooks and some readers like buying and listening to courses. Other readers prefer your coaching. Cater to their needs and make money by diversifying income streams.

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Open multiple streams of income to think abundantly. Income streams will open and close. In 2012-2014 I made some sweet coin through paid guest posting on multi-topic blogs. But when Matt Cutts did away with guest posting on link farms, I had 5-10 other income streams open, to prosper through.

5: Persist

Guys; this tip, and the generosity tip, are difference-makers. Most of us know what to do but cannot stick with it long enough and others simply do not know what to do and how to do it.

Persist, making money online

Enter generosity, persistence and these simple, practical, creating and connecting tips.

Good things take time and money flows to you gradually and steadily over the long haul. Your job is to patiently have fun helping people, building friendships and opening multiple streams of blogging income.

In time, you will profit.

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