Hamro Patro is Introducing Hamro Remit: In the path of becoming a Super app


Just a few days ago, Hamro Patro had launched HD radio streaming service in its system. Now, it is aiming for a new addition, which will be known as “Hamro Remit“. Yes, the most successful Nepali app is launching another product line which would allow Nepalese to transfer money across the nations.

According to them, they are launching the remittance service starting with money transfer from the USA to Nepal. This feature will be launched within 3-4 weeks.

Hamro Patro: In the path of becoming a Super app

Hamro Patro is the first Nepali app to cross 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. In addition to that, it has been adding many services and products in the system time and again. Undoubtedly, Hamro Patro has been able to establish itself as the most downloaded and used app in Nepal. Since it’s establishment in 2010, it has an interesting story of its inception where it crossed 100 thousand downloads on Google Play Store within a year of its release.

Starting with a digital Nepali calendar, it has expanded its business in various sectors ranging from market to radio streaming and health to astrology. Along with the mobile app, it is available in web version as well, with an array of products like:

  • Nepali Calendar
  • Cards
  • Nepali Keyboard
  • Ludo Pro Hamro Games
  • Nepali Dictionary
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs and News
  • FM Streaming

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For these features, Hamro Patro has more than 7 apps which are available for both iOS and Android version.

Hamro Patro is Introducing Hamro Remit: In the path of becoming a Super app 1
Numerous Features and Apps by Hamro Patro

Hamro Remit: What to expect from this new addition?

Hamro Patro has been expanding its market share to various sectors as much as possible. It has not only established itself as a trusted and updated digital calendar, but also as a fast growing digital app with numerous features. Along with that, it is growing faster with its robust technology and updates which could integrate various services in a single app and is handy for the users. In this regard, Hamro Remit would be just another brick in the wall which would allow Nepalese to send their money home. Initially, through this system, Nepalese from USA can send their hard earned money to their dear ones here in Nepal. Moreover, it is expanding to FinTech sector through remittance which would in turn support for the inclusion of more remittance transactions through the formal channels. Stay updated with us for more updates.


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