Fireside Chat program — Data and Entrepreneurship: The Power of Choices


Virtual Fireside Chat Program is being organized on the topic ‘Data and Entrepreneurship: The Power of Choices’ by Women in Big Data Nepal. The virtual chat program is going to happen on 14th Bhadra 2078 (30th August 2021) in association with SAP, TechSathi, and Girls in Tech Nepal. The main target audience of the event are students, graduates, job seekers, and professional females. Basically, anyone willing to hone their skills and improve their technical knowledge can join this event.

Women in Big Data Nepal has collaborated with SAP to make this fireside chat program possible. SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software, helping companies of all sizes and in all industries run at their best: 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system.

What The Program Entails

The program which will begin at 2 PM onwards (UTC +5:30) constitutes an intensive speaker session related to data and entrepreneurship. The one and half hour long chat will encompass discussion on data increasing ubiquity and data abundance. The importance of data has become significant in every sector and business of every size. The chat program will also reveal how it has been helping individual businesses, especially startups and SMEs, and how we can take advantage of open data in many ways. Besides this, you will be familiarized with different career perspectives in data and entrepreneurship as well.

About The Spreaker

  • Deepa Gautam-Nigge | Global Lead SAP Next-Gen Ecosystem at SAP SE

Deepa Gautam has been working as a “mediator between the different worlds of innovation”. Her main objective is to ensure that next-generation talents work together with established companies and the right start-ups on the solutions of tomorrow. As an expert for platform business models she is also active as an advisor for start-ups, but also for companies such as Earlybird VC and Schmitz Cargobull AG – and thus as recently written in the Handelsblatt (a German Business Daily), a role model for the new generation of innovation managers. Furthermore, she is widely known as a supporter of diversity by all means, since she is convinced that innovation only happens when you compile various perspectives from ecosystem intelligence. Currently, she is also expanding her activities to the broader CV & PE Ecosystem within SAP´s M&A Department.

The event will be primarily focused to provide a general overview of the impact of data while setting up a business. Similarly, it will discuss how SAP innovations help thousands of customers worldwide and many more from an organizational perspective as well.

The main aim of this event is to enhance the skill of data practitioners as well as extend the knowledge on innovative approaches. The end goal of the program is to provide a general overview of trends adopted by the industry to obtain a sustainable data ecosystem and the impact of those on business.

Who can participate in the Fireside chat program?

Primarily, the event is organized focusing on students, graduates, job seekers, and professional females looking towards upskilling themselves in the technological sector. However, the program welcomes all the enthusiasts from the relevant field across the South Asian region. Without any doubt, the program is going to be highly valuable for data enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, business leaders along with researchers, managers, students, engineers, and data practitioners. In short, anyone who is interested in big data, data management, and other aspects of information systems and technology involving applications of data and business can join the program without hesitation.

How to Participate?

The registration for the virtual fireside chat program has already started and will close on 30 August. So, make sure you are registered beforehand to gain the first-hand experience with highly technical content presented by leading experts. The full slate of hands-on training workshops can be a catalyst for your successful data analysis and AI career.

The session will be hosted on Zoom and will be live on  Facebook via the official Women in Big Data – Nepal page. In order to participate in the event, first, you have to register by filling up the form provided below. Upon successful registration, you can join the fireside chat program conducted by Women in Big Data – Nepal for free on 30the august.

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