Fibro Nepal is all set to launch New Website to Advance Online Fashion Practice


Fibro Nepal, a fashion and apparel startup is all set to launch its revamped website on 28th February with the aim of improving the online fashion experience. The date also marks their 2nd anniversary.

Suraj Raj Pandey, CEO, Fibro Nepal shared,

The fresh, feature-laden website will pioneer a one stop online solution for all things fashion in Nepal. The upgrade to a sophisticated interface will guarantee an immersive, comfortable user experience”.

Fibro 2.0, What’s Cooking?

Fibro has also marked the calendar on that very day to reveal 5 new verticals, viz. Go, Corporate, Box, Premium, and Custom have been conceptualized in order to meet the recently thriving diverse demand for quality products within the country. 

Fibro Go

Fibro Go has a simple, but smart functionality. It matches the site visitor to the nearest physical store by mapping their current location. Simply put, if a customer visits the site while in Pokhara, the site shall match them with retailers and distributors in and around Pokhara. “We have already signed contracts with stores in major locations across the country.” Pandey said. The user can then either visit the store in person, or have it delivered.

Fibro Corporate

Fibro Corporate, similarly, has been developed to deliver quality apparel merchandise to businesses and institutes looking for uniforms or other clothing items in bulk. The website shall guide the visitor right from the beginning, note their demands, the quantity they’re looking for, and the time-frame. The team shall then contact the customer and proceed with the order accordingly.

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Fibro Box

Fibro Box is a custom gift service tailored for your loved ones. While customers can simply select the items they want and have it delivered where necessary, Fibro have gone a step ahead by adding other premium gift items that you can have sent in a rustic, environment-friendly package. “Our customers can choose confectionaries, perfumes, gift cards, and flowers among others, and have it delivered to their dear ones.” The CEO said, “Gifts are often an endearing expression, and Fibro wants to elevate it a step ahead with our packaging and flexible options.” Fibro Box also allows one to have their box delivered anonymously upon request: from the website itself! 

Fibro Premium

Fibro Premium, as the name suggests, is all about luxury. The section shall cater to those who like their outfit exclusive. Fibro shall procure the finest of fabrics, work with the best designers in the market, and whip up some of the most limited accoutrements that stand out, for a price. 

Fibro Custom

Fibro Custom, the last of the verticals came up with the idea that some of us want things different. While similar to premium, where Fibro takes care of the products, Custom shall give the customer liberty to go wild with the wide range of options available in the platform; with a few clicks, you can select your size, material, design, send in a reference design, or even hire a designer, and Fibro will get back to you!

The new web platform shall also provide a platform for aspiring and veteran designers to showcase their portfolio and get in touch with customers. They’ll be able to leverage the last 2 verticals with this feature. Fibro envisions a thriving creative engagement with this unique feature, and hopes to provide a worthy platform for the right people.

With events lined up throughout the entire year, 2021 is going to be a busy year for Fibro. Following its launch, the apparel manufacturer has a bunch of surprises under its sleeves, Pandey hinted. “The website shall be the focal medium of communication with our customers”, he said. “Details on events, registrations, and tickets will all be channeled through our website.”

Besides smooth navigation and ease of access, the platform shall also station new verticals of Fibro Nepal that promise a range of services for customers in one integrated platform without all the fuss that otherwise exists. Pandey stated that the new system has never been practiced or introduced in the Nepali fashion industry, and will cement Fibro’s position as the first of its kind in Nepal. 


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