Earth 2: A Real-Location Based Game lets you Buy Property in the Metaverse


Nowadays the term Earth 2 is trending across all major platforms including Reddit and Twitter. The discussions regarding investing and buying land in it are on rising. Today in this article we’ll dive deep into, What is earth 2, what does it do and we’ll find out whether it’s even legal or not. 

What is Earth 2?

Earth 2 is a hypothetical virtual and futuristic concept for the second earth. It is basically a game that imagines a metaverse that is virtual but strictly based on physical reality in which real-world geo-locations on a sectioned map correspond to user-generated digital virtual environments. These  environments can be owned, bought, and sold.

How does it work?

Earth2 is the digital reflection of the actual world. You can buy digital properties anywhere in the world. The price depends on the real location and geographical structures. The value increases over time through various structures described below. The developers want to make the “real” virtual land valuable by attaching earning potentials through advertising along with the price adjusted in the real world. This includes real-life monetary transactions.


Income sources in Earth 2

Land value

The simple source of Income in earth2 is an increment in the value of purchased land. The entire land is divided into tiles and fluctuates depending on the country’s geography and population. The value changes depending on trading price and demand per country where you can buy low and sell high.

Land income tax

Land Income Tax is the income you receive on the land you own based on future net sales of land in that country.  It is automatically credited to your account based on for how much the land is sold in your country. 


For a limited period of time which is highly beneficial for both the referral and purchaser. When purchasing land, users will be able to APPLY a referral code. This referral code will give the purchaser 5% credit back on their purchase and 5% credit to the owner of the referral code. 

Our conclusion: Earth 2

Earth 2 is just like one of the internet investment platforms having significant earning opportunities than most of the others. We’ve reviewed the website but couldn’t find the actual location stated there. It is not clear whether they actually pay the amount or not. Many users are complaining about the payment delay and lack of support from the support team but seems like the payment part is real.

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Talking as a layman, this is a game that involves real-life monetary transactions. It depends on you whether you want to invest in it or not. It might not be a scam but we don’t suggest you waste your hard-earned money. If you are really fascinated by the idea and want to virtually buy the land which you can’t buy physically you can gamble the amount you don’t mind losing but there are a lot of better investment opportunities on the internet. 


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